Spring GrowthWelcome to spring! A season of growth is upon us! This article aims to revisit age-old tricks to boost your business’s success. Our salons may work differently, but our goals are the same. How can we help our salons succeed? The secrets to quality hair restoration are up-to-date services, professional networking, and team development. As haircare providers, we wish we could wave a magic wand and solve all hair concerns with one quick solution, but that is not how our industry works. Being the “hostess with the mostest,” so to speak, is where you want to invest your time and energy.

Abundant Options for Diverse Needs

To give our clients superior care, we must remember to approach hair restoration in various ways. We all strive to maintain current follicles, camouflage permanent hair loss, and potentially stimulate regrowth. The fix is never just one particular remedy or serum but a collective of individualized techniques. Your team should be trained in numerous methodologies to tackle any challenge. If your salon could be the one-stop-shop with multiple services to offer clients, then you’ve found the solution.

Hair Loss SolutionsUtilize the right tools and products, and be sure to offer a variety of treatments to match your clients’ diverse needs. Are you and your team versatile enough to reach an assortment of client concerns? It’s great to play up your strong suits, but remember to search for new knowledge & training. Each client walks into the salon with different worries. Hair professionals must be prepared to provide their clients with multiple options & supplemental support. Instyle writer, Erin Lukas, interviewed two certified trichologists, and this is how Bridgitte Hill describes hair restoration:

“Hair growth or hair loss prevention is not accomplished by one product or factor alone,” Hill explains. “It is a comprehensive approach that requires the blood, cells, and tissue that support scalp and protein synthesis to be considered and addressed.”


Haircare needs to be an accumulation of targeted solutions. It can be hard to pinpoint what works and what is harmful with the surplus of rollers, serums, light treatments, and styling tools on the market. Consult with trained professionals in the hair world! If there are benefits to a treatment plan, the research and results will speak for themselves.

Network & Stay Connected

Networking - Professional GroupBecoming a member of a professional group, like The Hair Society, one that expands past your state lines is a great way to connect with other haircare specialists. Who knows? Your fellow hair professionals in different zip codes might be able to offer your salon feedback or tips on hair restoration. Follow others’ stories through social media and share your salon’s story too. Social media will help you catch up on new tricks and technologies and stay current on the latest trends. It’s good to keep in the loop of knowledge, so if your team is already connected with a hair community and strives to increase that knowledge day after day, then you’re on track! You can benefit from networking with hair professionals around the world. We all face similar challenges, so why not grow together?

Invest In Your Team

Invest in your peopleNow that we have branched out to others, it’s time to boost your team’s potential by dedicating time to career development and skills you want to improve. An article from the Harvard Business Review states:

“One tangible action that companies can do is to take ownership over initiating conversations about work-life balance and other issues that are important to employees but often get missed, like career development.”


When you invest back into your personnel, your team will feel supported and accomplished. And who doesn’t want that? Assess your workplace and review up-to-date methods in hair loss prevention. You must be aware of what your team needs to be successful, and you can’t do that without assessments and regular follow-ups.

Motivation to invest in your teamWe have to be aware of what’s going on in our salons. Get feedback from your personnel on what is working and what is hindering the business. You can push your team forward through revision and education. Remember to regularly communicate with your team to discover what is happening behind the chair.

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