Woman talking on phone in hair salon

I am writing this as a customer of many years of various Hair Salons. I have learned a lot from simply being a customer and wanted to share it with those of you who are looking to improve customer service and with an eye toward improving your business revenues and customer base.

I have a couple of pet peeves, and I am sure that I am not alone in the annoyance that these particular behaviors cause me when I am simply trying to get my hair done. When I go to a Hair Salon I have a purpose…one purpose; to get my hair done in a way that makes me look and feel better with the least amount of drama possible. That is not always the case.

First, I have often been seated in a chair for hours listening to hair stylists gossip to one another about a myriad of subjects that do not concern me. I have also been privy to arguments between various stylists which also do not concern me. Many times the stylist actually working on my hair stops what he/she is doing to walk to another station and converse/argue with a fellow stylist.

It should be remembered that customers are busy too and have other things to do during their busy days. Many of us have a limited amount of time that we can spend in a Hair Salon. Having a stylist start and stop working on me is annoying and downright rude. It is very unprofessional and often causes the ultimate goal of giving me a nice haircut, perm or dye job to go awry. I have had a perm solution left on my head too long (despite the ringing of that pesky timer) which resulted in a frizzed out mess when all was said and done. Not being a hair professional myself, I had no idea that the stylist was ignoring a process that relies on exact and precise timing for success. By the time I noticed the damage done it was too late and I was left to deal with hair that could not be styled properly and never looked good until it grew out and was cut off.

Another pet peeve of mine (and I suspect, others), is a bad attitude and a sense that I was rushing the stylist by simply sitting there waiting for my hair to be styled, dyed, cut or permed. It should be known to all hair professionals that they are not the only game in town and if I am not satisfied or annoyed during the process I will go elsewhere where I am treated better and receive good customer service.

Leaving used equipment (combs, scissors, rollers, curling irons, etc) laying around does nothing for my confidence in your professionalism and seeing a bunch of unswept hair all over the floor and under my seat is another red flag that I am in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you value your customers and want to ensure return business than take heed of the above pet peeves that I have informed you about. Make sure that you and your employees are aware of how your salon looks and how your employees are treating customers at all times….it will pay off in return business.

I am not a difficult customer but I demand that I be treated right and that I get what I am paying for. No one should expect any less. If you want my business than pay attention to detail and to my feelings. If you see someone getting aggravated than reassure them that you are listening to them and doing what they have requested of you. If I ask for a certain style (and even bring you a picture), give me that style or explain clearly and kindly why you cannot. Suggest other styles or fixes for problem hair or botched past haircuts done by others. The reason I came to you  is because I was probably not satisfied with my previous hair stylist. If you want me to be a permanent customer than make sure that I feel welcome and that I am satisfied with your work, your attitude, your staff and the condition of your salon.

All of this will pay off and establish your good reputation and good-will in your community.