The Hair Society Board

Christina Garner


In 1993 Chris graduated from College of Hair Design Lincoln Nebraska with a degree of Cosmetology. 1994 She took a position as Hair Restoration Technician at Brannigan’s hair restoration studio owned by Don O’Neal. Over the 10 plus years that Chris worked for Don, she became the order specialists and trainer for all new hires. In 2005 she had the opportunity to Purchased Hair Specialist and Formed the Corporation Hair Specialists, Inc.

She enjoys restoring her client’s images and confidence. She and her team are always looking for the cutting edge products to help their clients achieve their expectations. Chris strives to make all clients feel at home when they visit her studio.

Corporate Board of Advisors

The Corporate Board of Advisors (CBA) is by far the most important component of The Hair Society next to the Membership. The CBA is made up of professionals both within and out of the hair industry. These individuals are the best in their fields. We knew that when it came to selecting this CBA, we could not just appoint anyone. We had to have people who were subject matter experts and who demonstrates a business acumen that would help propel The Hair Society to being the foremost authority within the hair space. We are confident we have accomplished this task and we are sure you will agree.

The expertise of our Corporate Board of Advisors and the specific individuals selected are in an effort to advance the interests of Hair Professionals throughout the world. This impressive group of executives provide input and guidance as well as receive updates on The Hair Society’s activities, dialogue about current matters, and make decisions about issues and programs of concern. Through ongoing communication with the CBA, The Hair Society strengthens each CBA member’s capacity to attract and serve The Hair Society’s membership.

Danielle Grillo

Danielle Grillo – Advisory Board Member

Since 1995 Danielle has gained so much knowledge and experience in all aspects of non-surgical hair replacement for men, women, and children.

Danielle is always looking to further her education in hair restoration.

It is an exciting and fulfilling industry to be a part of. To be able to help people every day is amazing. We are a team of dedicated and highly skilled hair restoration professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to help you find a solution to your hair loss or thinning needs.

Rod Lenniger

Rod Lenniger – Advisory Board Member

Senior Leader with global experience developing high growth businesses and leading people in Digital Media and Software/Technology; from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. Specialties: Facilitating 1 1/2 day Business Model Canvas Workshops designed to help executive teams analyze their business model and enhance communications about strategic choices. Extremely practical guidance via a mutually developed one-page business model for start-ups and SMB’s! Also provide hands-on coaching and advice regarding Operations, Marketing, Capital Raises, Corporate Development-Mergers & Acquisitions, Post-acquisition Integration, Corporate Talent Management, Organizational Development.

Scott McCarty

Scott McCarty – Advisory Board Member

Scott is the President of Shear Pointe, which has been an exemplary Michigan small business since Bill McCarty first opened his doors in Birmingham, in 1969. For 45 years, Shear Pointe has been committed to providing the finest hair restoration and replacement solutions on the market. It is a result of this very commitment that Shear Pointe remains a successful small business despite the volatile local economy.

Today Shear Pointe is owned and operated by Bill’s son Scott. Though Scott was once apprehensive to join the family business, he is now doing his part to ensure that his family’s legacy lives on.

Michael Suba

Michael Suba – Advisory Board Member

Michael never planned to follow in his parent’s footsteps and run the family business, Continental Hair. However after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in February of 1990 and enduring a year of treatment that included chemotherapy and radiation Michael decided to become involved with hair replacement.

Today, Michael is the owner of two Continental Hair locations, including one in Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre in north Toronto. Michael has made the focus of Continental Hair to help all women find high-quality solutions for hair loss and help them look better and feel better about themselves.