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Business Model Canvas Workshops

Now and for a limited time, the Business Model Canvas is being offered to everyone. Membership is NOT required to take advantage of this incredible business exercise and insight.

How would you like to be able to hone your business plan down to a single sheet of paper using nine simple building blocks? These nine blocks will equip you to think of thousands of possibilities and alternatives for your business but then assemble the best ones in a unique way to help you reach your objectives.

Through this one and a half day workshop, you and your leadership team or staff, will be able to create, visualize and test business models without wasting capital or overcomplicating the approach. The concepts work equally well with startups, small businesses or even giant corporations looking to explore new models and keep up with the competition.

Benefits of Completing the Workshop

Business Model Canvas

  • Truly and fully understand your business model with a shared language
  • Understand how the functions, activities and processes intertwine and interlock with the business
  • Improve Customer awareness
  • Focus on VALUE – what you bring to your clients
  • Emphasize the mutual dependence of people and the need for alignment
  • Manage, adapt and modify your business model in response to market changes
  • Identify risks to the model
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses
  • Clarify your value proposition and where to focus resources and activities

To learn more about scheduling your own Business Model Canvas workshop at your location, complete this form and we will contact you for your FREE phone consultation.

Meet Rod Lenniger

Picture of Rod Lenniger

Rod is a senior leader with global experience developing high growth businesses and leading people in digital media and software/technology; from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Rod’s specialties include: facilitating 1 1/2 day Business Model Canvas Workshops designed to help executive teams analyze their business model and enhance communications about strategic choices.  Extremely practical guidance via a mutually developed one page business model for start-ups and SMB’s!

Rod also provides hands on coaching and advice regarding: Operations, Marketing, Capital Raises, Corporate Development-Mergers & Acquisitions, Post-acquisition Integration, Corporate Talent Management, Organizational Development.

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