Moving Business Forward Through Covid-19

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As the covid-19 virus continues to spread, and cases are on the rise, salons, spas, and clinics everywhere are tackling many unanswered questions.

Should You Stop Your Marketing During A Global Pandemic?

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Original article source: TMG Ventures, Inc. Friday, May 8, 2020 [...]

How Will The Coronavirus Impact The Hair Industry?

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If you are a salon owner, technician, vendor or wholesaler, you probably have questions about how the Coronavirus will impact you and the hair industry. A majority of the hair used comes from China and other countries in that region. At the rate the virus is spreading, the concerns are valid and possibly already starting to have the potential for long term impact on this and many other industries.

US/CHINA Trade Wars Might Make You Want To Pull Your Hair Out!

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Much is still unknown about how the US/China Trade Wars will play out. One thing we do know is that it was initiated by the United States (US) President Donald Trump, and characterized by increasing tariffs and other trade barriers with China.

Monat – The Good, The Bad, and What to Believe

2020-11-22T04:03:41+06:00April 8, 2019|Categories: As Seen on TV, Baldness, Breaking News, Business, Business Behavior, Enquiring Minds Want To Know, Hair, Hair and Scalp Treatments, Hair Loss, Hair Loss Cure, Hair Loss Experts, Hair Loss Science, Hair Loss Treatments, LLLT, Low Level Light Laser Treatments, Medical Hair Loss, News, Opinion, Products, Thinning Hair, Trichology|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Whether it’s because of the multiple lawsuits, friends in the program, or perhaps the more positive reactions, you’ve most likely heard of the American-based hair care company Monat. Founded in 2014, Monat operates through a multi-level marketing scheme.

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