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One on One with Lance “Energy” Centofanti

2020-12-18T23:57:58+06:00December 18, 2020|Categories: Business, Enquiring Minds Want To Know, Featured, Hair Loss Experts, Industry News, One on One, Opinion|Tags: , , , , , |

Get ready to have your socks blown off! Today, we are getting to know the infamous Lance “Energy” Centofanti. In the Hair industry for over 51 years, Lance is an industry icon and friend to all. He coined the phrase “Beauty Making”, as he likes to refer to the Hair industry. Lance’s most recent role was VP Marketing, Hair Visions International (or industry proclaimed “Ultimate Beauty Maker”). His endless capacity for energy garnered him the nickname of “Energy”.

DIY Hair Treatments: What Should You Be Doing At Home

2020-12-16T05:42:10+06:00December 16, 2020|Categories: DIY Hair Care, Featured, Hair, Hair and Scalp, Hair and Scalp Treatments, Hair Care, Opinion, Self Care|Tags: , , , |

Unless advised by a hair care professional, you don’t need to take matters into your own hands. Being proactive is a great approach, but before you rummage through your pantry for “do it yourself” hair treatments, let’s discuss your hair goals and the result of covering your head in kitchen ingredients.

Moving Business Forward Through Covid-19

2020-11-28T20:21:01+06:00November 27, 2020|Categories: 2020/2021 - Pandemic, Breaking News, Business, Business Behavior, Business Tips, COVID-19, Featured, Industry News, News, Opinion, Salon Talk, The Hair Society|

As the covid-19 virus continues to spread, and cases are on the rise, salons, spas, and clinics everywhere are tackling many unanswered questions.

Thinking Out Loud – with Ken Baszto, featuring David Schwartz

2020-11-20T01:42:11+06:00November 9, 2020|Categories: Business, Business Behavior, Enquiring Minds Want To Know, Featured, Hair Visions International, Industry News, News, Opinion, The Hair Society, Thinking Out Loud|Tags: , , , , , , , |

The Hair Society recently spent some time with David [...]

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