Enquiring Minds Want To Know – Viviscal

For the past few months The Hair Society has been noticing a lot of ads for hair restoration in various magazines and tabloid newspapers. I wondered if any of these products were successful but really couldn’t find any definitive proof. We decided to list the products that we saw advertized and to write a little […]

Hair Loss in Children

Hair loss in children counts for approximately 3% of pediatric office visits. Most hair loss in children can be treated successfully but there are several causes and available treatments. There are medical causes and non medical ones. The majority of kids over 26 months old are the ones who have issues with hair loss. The […]

What a Trained Professional Looks for When Analyzing the Scalp

As a part of your training as a hair and scalp restoration specialist you should be aware of the following information when analyzing a client: Clients: Health Clients: Diet Clients: Daily Exercise Regiment Clients: Environment Possible Damage to Hair and Scalp (Physical, Chemical, Biological) Common causes for Physical Damage Shampooing Brushing Combing Rubber bands Rollers Heat Electric Tongs […]