Wellness & Multi-level Marketing: What You Need To Know

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The multi-level marketing(MLM) industry is booming. Brands are selling their products through our neighborhoods & online communities. In today's world, you have probably received a handful of invites to multi-level marking parties or groups on social media.

DIY Hair Treatments: What Should You Be Doing At Home

2020-12-16T05:42:10+06:00December 16, 2020|Categories: DIY Hair Care, Featured, Hair, Hair and Scalp, Hair and Scalp Treatments, Hair Care, Opinion, Self Care|Tags: , , , |

Unless advised by a hair care professional, you don’t need to take matters into your own hands. Being proactive is a great approach, but before you rummage through your pantry for “do it yourself” hair treatments, let’s discuss your hair goals and the result of covering your head in kitchen ingredients.

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