What? It’s Almost Christmas? How To Survive The Holiday Rush.

2020-11-21T01:54:31+06:00December 19, 2019|Categories: Business, Business Behavior, Business Tips, Hair, Opinion, Salon Talk, The Hair Society|Tags: , , , , |

Who doesn’t love that feeling when all of their holiday [...]

Hair Replacement YouTube Tutorials: A DIY Disaster

2020-11-21T03:28:01+06:00June 21, 2019|Categories: As Seen on YouTube, Baldness, Business Behavior, Business Tips, Cosmetic Bonding Adhesives, Enquiring Minds Want To Know, Hair, Hair and Scalp, Hair and Scalp Treatments, Hair Fall, Hair Loss, Hair Loss Cure, Hair Loss Experts, Hair Loss Treatments, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, Opinion, Salon Talk, The Hair Society, Thinking Out Loud, Tools of the Trade|Tags: , , , , , |

By:  Shea Lenniger, Contributing Writer and: Richard Garner, Editor in Chief [...]

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