Acupuncture Combats Baldness, Outperforms Drug Therapy

Syndicated from: Special acupuncture needles enhance filiform acupuncture to encourage hair regrowth for patients with alopecia (baldness). Acupuncture produces greater positive patient outcomes than drug therapy for patients with alopecia areata. Specialized acupuncture needle protocols deliver superior patient outcomes over standard acupuncture with herbs. The addition of Qi Xing acupuncture to filiform acupuncture plus […]

Copying Images: The Do’s and Don’ts

Have you pulled an image from another site for use on your own site? Has someone sent you a bill for using their image? You can avoid this problem and the following websites will tell you how: What if you were to use a model with his/her own hair and captioned it […]

Do You Know Your Wig’s? – Part II

HAIR SYSTEMS Average Cap Size The average cap size is generally the following measurements: Around the Head – 21 1/2 – 22″ Front to Back – 14 1/4 – 14 1/2″ Ear to Ear – 13 1/2 ” Average/Large Cap Size The average/large cap size is generally the following measurements: Around the Head – 22 […]

Do You Know Your Wig’s? – Part I

There are many different types of wigs and hair systems in today’s market. There are shapes, sizes and materials to suit every need. With the quality available the sky is the limit. The following are some terms that describe various hair systems and what they are made of. Remember…as with everything else in life, “You […]


Why this is an important field of study and practice in the hair restoratrion industry… I recently interviewed Dr. David Kingsley of British Science Corporation. As a result of this interview I became extremely interested in this topic. I also determined that this practice would greatly benefit every member of the hair restoration industry; from […]

Hair Loss in Dogs

By:  Merilyn E. Ulrich, Contributing Editor/Senior Staff Writer Hair Loss in Dogs I watch a reality television show called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and although many members of the cast wear various hair pieces and extensions one particular cast member suffers from Alopecia. That cast member happens to be a dog named Giggy. […]