Introduction Into Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

A Hands On, Certified Training Course


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Hair Society Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Training

Your journey into non-surgical hair replacement begins with some of the basics.  Understanding hair loss, knowing your client, and most importantly, harnessing the skills necessary to provide a look and feel that your client has been longing for.  Non-Surgical hair replacement techniques involve attaching hair to areas of the scalp that have thinning or no hair, transforming the way they see and feel about themselves. The Hair Society’s Introduction into Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Certification class guides you along the process of learning the fundamental technical and artisan aspects of non-surgical hair replacement for both men & women.

Also included are in-depth classes (client consultation, salon set up, pricing & promotion, contract selling, process & organization, and more). Additionally, you will receive a kit that includes everything you need for the hands-on technical instruction and will help you on your way to adding non-surgical hair replacement to your salon’s offerings.  This has the potential of increasing your annual revenues anywhere from 50k – 1mm dollars.

Upon completion of the course, you will have the confidence to begin offering non-surgical hair replacement services and the business expertise to increase your earning power by up to three, even four times, traditional salon services. You will receive a certificate of completion that demonstrates you have completed the Introduction to non-surgical hair replacement. Ongoing technical and marketing support is available.

Included in the 2-Day Certification Class:

Panache' Salon & Day Spa with Educator Christina Garner and Ken Baszto

• Understanding hair loss and hair growth
• Overview of Trichology
• Low-Level Laser Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)
• Non-surgical hair loss solutions
• Allergies and Skin testing
• In-depth review of system construction, ventilation, and hair processing
• The guest consultations for men and women
• Bonding techniques
• Receiving hair from a vendor/manufacture checklist
• Program/à la carte agreement
• Program/à la carte pricing tool
• Live model demonstrations of men and women
• Hands-on men hair replacement from A-Z
• Hands-on system removal and maintenance
• Hands-on men’s system application and customization
• Learn how to make a tape template
• Home care instructions

Each Certification Attendee will receive a workshop kit that includes these tools, which are required for the successful application of non-surgical hair replacement:

• Complimentary men’s hair system
• Mannequin head, including headstand
• Adhesives
• Bonding tape and strips
• Fiberglass strapping tape (For making tape molds
• Brushes/sponges
• X-Acto knife
• White marking pencil
• Other misc. items

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