Yes, yet another article related to COVID-19.  While the spread is down, and the number of cases being reported is significantly lower, which is a great thing, we in the industry are still be impacted by the devastation this global pandemic continues to have on the entire supply chain.

COVID-19 Business ImpactI think it is safe to say that we all were greatly impacted by Covid-19, but businesses were hit even harder. Covid-19 started affecting us all in March of 2020, and for many, life has seemed to return to normal; we don’t need to wear masks everywhere we go, we can get our hair and nails done, and we can even go out to clubs and bars again. Unfortunately, normalcy isn’t the case for everyone quite yet, and especially so for the hair loss industry.

Within the hair loss industry, there has been a major shortage of hair, which is significantly impacting businesses. The shortage of hair is caused by Chinas heavy restrictions on imports; these restrictions started in March of 2020, due to Covid-19. This was a massive problem within the industry because China is a significant manufacturer of hair products. Because of this, many businesses went under, some had to take a pause and play catch up, and others had to close overall completely.

Not only were shipments of hair being delayed, but some also had to come to a complete stop altogether, which led to the shortage of hair. People were scrambling to try and find other ways to get this hair, which created a high demand for it, with no outcome. With the demand being higher, prices then rose as well. They had no choice but to increase their prices of extensions and wigs, causing even larger issues within their salons. The cost of running a hair business can be pricy, and business owners needed to increase their prices to stay afloat, which led to lost clients.

Although China’s use of heavy restrictions was the right thing to do, to help in stopping the spread of Covid-19, it impacted many negatively. It wasn’t only the restrictions on imports; it was preventing factory workers from going to their job, causing an even longer delay in receiving the hair needed. Covid-19 affected everyone in different ways, and even in some ways most people don’t even begin to consider, but all of these things were needed to be done to make a more significant change in the long run and save lives.

Hair IndustryNot only the hair loss industry was affected, but also the hair industry in general. I know of many hair stylists whose salons had to close down for months due to Covid-19. They were struggling to meet ends meet, and they just missed their craft. Many salons had to completely shut down during this time because without the doors being open and money coming in, they could not stay afloat.

What can we do in the meantime? It is so important to continue supporting the hair business and supporting those affected. Now that salons are opened up, we can still get our hair colored, highlighted, and cut, which is a great way to support these suffering businesses. So many stylists were out of a job for months due to Covid-19; I know that they are itching to fix those long roots from sitting at home and cutting off those split ends.

This isn’t only an issue for those apart of the hair loss industry, but it is a significant issue for the clients of the hair loss industry as well. Some clients are still waiting on hair that has been delayed for over a year, and some, their order was completely canceled all and all. This can be so disappointing, making a purchase as big as this and having to wait so long, mainly because there is so much unknown about when they will even receive it. It is so frustrating on both sides. There are people who have been saving for extensions or hair replacement and now have to wait even longer.

On top of all of this, Covid-19 has been directly correlated to hair loss, which is from the stress of the impacts of the virus, which is resulting in more people looking into the hair loss industry for solutions. It’s a never-ending loop the hair loss industry is stuck in, trying to navigate through the high demand and low stock.

Hair & Beauty Salons Closing for GoodHas covid-19 affected this industry for good? I believe in the way things are going. Currently, things are going to make a change for the better, but the question is when. Hair salons and nail salons opened back up less than a year after Covid-19 hit and affected America, and as stated before, more and more things are opening up. People are currently traveling to Europe and South America, so hopefully, we see a change in the imports soon. The most important thing clients can do is continue supporting the hair industry in general, keeping their doors open. Buy products from your salon and continue getting your hair done with them. Either way, getting your hair done is therapeutic and could even be considered vital to your mental health. For me, how I look on the outside directly reflects how I am feeling, and if my hair is done, I know I will feel great. So do yourself a favor, and salons a turn, and keep getting your hair done!

Global Supply ChainCovid-19 has taught all of us patience that we have never had to have before, and that directly correlates with the issue going on with the hair industry. We need to be patient because the outcome will be so worth it. So take care of yourself in the meantime, look into ways to combat hair loss within your diet or even with the products you are putting into your hair. You can find more information on that at

Lastly, we have to remember that hairstylists and anyone from the industry are people just like you and me. They struggle to stay afloat in their career on top of the everyday stress and Covid-19 related stress we are all struggling with. So ask them how they are coping with it all because I know many people are so caught up in their stress, they don’t even think to ask someone like their hairstylist.


Staff Writer
Aimee Tober
The Hair Society
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