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Enquiring Minds Want To Know – Viviscal

For the past few months The Hair Society has been noticing a lot of ads for hair restoration in various magazines and tabloid newspapers. I wondered if any of these products were successful but really couldn’t find any definitive proof.

Viviscal for WomanWe decided to list the products that we saw advertized and to write a little about each one in a couple of articles for The Hair Society readership. I will leave it to the reader to decide if they are valuable or simply get rich schemes to entice people into believing that they work.

The first such product and the one most often advertised was Viviscal. It includes a dietary supplement, a hair and scalp serum and a hair filler with fibers.

The ads claim the following:

  • #1 selling hair growth supplement in the USA Backed by 25 years of research
  • Recommended by celebrities and doctors worldwide.

There are testimonials and an offer to buy a 3 month supply and save $30 plus, receive $40 worth of free gifts.

“This supplement contains AminoMar advertised as a unique proprietary marine complex and is combined with Silica Biotin, Zinc and Vitamin C derived from Acerola Cherry.”

The claims include the fact that Viviscal “is grounded in 25 years of research and development and the efficacy is supporteViviscal for Mend by seven clinical studies. A recent study demonstrated a significant increase in hair thickness and a significant decrease in hair shedding. The recommended dosage is two tablets per day for a minimum of three to six months.”

This is what we found when I looked up this product:

Viviscal Review Does It Regrow Hair?

We actually could not find any negative reviews and we also noticed that this product is carried by several hair restoration salons and in a couple of articles found that it is recommended by prominent doctors who do hair transplants.

Does it really work and does it live up to the hype and claims? It certainly contains many of the ingredients that are contained in other products that claim to help create healthy hair but does it stop hair loss?

That, we will leave up to you.

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