Every year we can expect to see new trends in all aspects of expressing ourselves, whether that be with makeup, clothing, or even hair. There are so many different things that you can do with your hair, whether that be with colors, styles, or cuts, and with the new year, it could be a perfect time to change your look! So, here are some of the latest trends.

1. Wispy bangs
Bangs have been a massive trend for the past couple of years, and more specifically, wispy bangs. This type of bang replaces full bangs, and they are a lot easier to style and keep up with. We have transitioned from curtain bangs into the wispy bang era; they are thinner on your forehead and just all-around more comfortable and doable. This bang style has gotten some traction on Tik Tok, and it works for all hair types.

2. Blunt Bobs
Blunt bobs have always been a go-to and a classic for many years, and they are coming back even stronger this year. This French-inspired style has been across social media for the past few months, and it is only getting more popular in 2022.

3. Blunt Lobs
Blunt lobs are making a massive appearance in 2022. A lob is a “long bob,” They are perfect for someone who wants a sharp cut but is scared to take the plunge and lose a bunch of lengths. This cut is on its way to becoming as classic as a shorter bob. It looks sophisticated, curly, or straight, and it’s an excellent way to cut your hair to keep it healthy.

4. Textured layers
Now, straying away from the blunt cuts, textured layers will be huge in 2022. This can work for every hair type, fine, thick, straight, curly, and even coily. If you have incredibly thick hair, this can help take some weight off your shoulders. Depending on your hair’s natural texture, this can also make styling a lot easier. This style can give you more of a messy, casual look but can easily be styled into a more professional setting.

5. Braids
Braids have always been a fun style to do when you want your hair out of your face or when you want to wait an extra day for wash day, but more specifically, messy and effortless braids are coming into play this up-and-coming year. The laid-back look is enormous, especially for 2022. This is an excellent option if you try to use less heat and hot tools on your hair.

6. Long hair with layers
As much as short hair is trending, so is long hair. So this year, we will be ditching the long hair with no layers and dimension and adding some fun layers, even with some curtain bangs! This can be done either by naturally growing your hair, but it is also prevalent to add some extensions! There are a few types of extensions that you can choose from, whether that be clip-in, tape-in, or sew-in, all based on personal preference.

7. Shaggy Bobs
We talked about blunt bobs earlier, but shaggy bobs are just as popular as the more angular cuts; it just depends on your style. Whether you want to go for the more edgy look or the more professional and sleeker look. Along with shaggy bobs, mullets are still in this year. When I say mullet, I don’t mean a harsh mullet, but more of a soft one.

8. Embrace your curls!
Curls are so unique, and it is becoming more common for people to embrace their natural curls and learn how to style them better. More and more women are ditching the styling tools and doing the curly girl method to enhance their natural locks. So many women don’t even realize that they have naturally curly hair because they have been styling against it for so long. The picture below illustrates what taking care of your curls correctly can do. Some ways to do this is to stop using regular towels on your hair and either use a cotton tee shirt or microfiber towel, only brush your hair when it is wet and figure out which products work best for you.

9. 70’s styles
Another trend taking Tik Tok by storm this year is the 70’s blowout look. Bouncy, soft, and big hair is taking over. Some women will use hot rollers, blow dryers, or blow dryer brushes to achieve this look. The Dyson Air wrap or Revlon dryer brush are great options to achieve this look.

10. Red Hair!
Another common trend is people dying their hair a natural-looking red, ginger color. This is probably the most recent hair color trend that is all over Tik Tok as well. Many people, especially natural blondes, are coloring their hair this color. Many are also doing this while keeping lighter face-framing pieces or highlights. The goal with this new trend is not to look like you dyed your hair but rather look like you’re a natural redhead.

11. Effortless Waves
Another typical style that you can do yourself at home is loose waves. This can be done with thicker curling irons or even straightening irons. The key to this style is to keep it loose and messy to get the beachier look. They even have a waver iron to get the exact look that you may be looking for.

There are so many trendy options for your hair in 2022, something for everyone. Whether your hair is curly, straight, wavy, coily, long, short, thick, fine, there are plenty of ideas for you to spice up your hair! To get a new look, you don’t always have to cut your hair or color your hair; new styles like braids and waves can always be fun as well.

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