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Jack Morlan of Studio 409 Salon & Wigs Member Testimonial

The Hair Society Testimonial
The Following is an actual testimonial:

The Hair Society
Ken Baszto

Dear Ken,

I was very skeptical in the beginning of joining The Hair Society but Ken assured me that if I would just try it, I would have nothing to lose.  So I joined in February 2019.

In my first quarter I had 151 views.  By the third quarter, it increased to 912.  Wow-what a difference!  I was so shocked by the value of the breakdowns and the potential of the money that could come into our Salon.  I will continue to us The Hair Society to increase awareness in our area as people come from all over Iowa to our Salon.

I was so impressed with the analytics of the breakdowns of each department and it shows me everything I need to know to better manage my business without the high dollar advertising I would have has to use.  I would highly recommend anyone in the Hair Loss business to utilize their services.  It was the best money I have invested to reach the public.  Thank you, Ken and The Hair Society for your insight and direction.

Jack Morlan of Studio 409


Jack Morlan
Studio 409 Hair Loss Clinic

Jack Morlan
Studio 409 Hair Loss Clinic
1721 25th Street
Suite 110
West Des Moines, IA 50266

Jack Morlan's Original Testimonial

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