Hair Society Non-Surgical Hair Replacement TrainingLife can be unpredictable, but your hair doesn’t have to be. As you age, you may fall victim to hair loss, and it can feel like you have no control over the matter without investing in controversial procedures. However, you might not realize there’s a non-invasive option at a fraction of the cost. We call it hair-wearing, and the names can vary from salon to salon, but we are talking about hair systems or pieces adhered to the scalp. A hair system can be the solution you’re looking for, whether your hair is thinning, your hairline receding, or the crown of your head is balding. A hair piece is a non-surgical option that immediately relieves hair loss blues. There are so many benefits to wearing hair. It will give you the freedom you’re looking for!

Who Specializes In Hair Loss?

A trichologist is a licensed and trained professional specializing in treating various hair loss issues. These specialists can tailor your hair restoration plan to your specific needs. While providing non-invasive treatments for hair loss, they also evaluate the scalp & existing hair at every appointment. Retention and hair loss prevention is the top priority. Your trichologist will organize a treatment plan for you and guide you along your hair journey.

Why Wear A Hair System?

Hair thinning is different for everyone. A hair system is fully customizable and tailored to your hair loss needs. The topper is cut and colored to blend into your natural hair. This approach to hair loss will feel natural and pain-free. The hair you wear will be your own and will not limit your activities. You can wear hats, go swimming, and treat your hair system like your biological hair.

Will A Hair System Interfere With Your Daily Routine?Laid Back Man

Wearing a hair system is no more work than maintaining healthy biological hair. At home, you will treat your hair like usual. Your adhered hairpiece will become a part of you. For a seamless look, your hair system will require routine cleaning, and your existing hair will need to be blended in with regular trimming. While other hair loss treatment plans require medical office visits, wearing a topper is as simple as a trip to the salon. With little to no side effects, you can feel at
ease knowing you’ve taken control of your hair loss.

Side Effects of Hair Wearing:

The most positive side effect of wearing a hair system is an instant transformation! No longer will you be hiding behind hats and no more worrying about looking older than you are. Occasionally, wearing hair can create mild side effects like itching or allergic reaction to the adhesive. Your hair specialist will know how to navigate through these possible outcomes.

Side Effects of Surgical Options:

Other invasive options require multiple sessions to achieve your desired goals. The potential side effects of surgical treatments include swelling, infection, scarring, and even failure to provide long-lasting results.

Your hair has an impact on your day-to-day life. Don’t let hair thinning stop you from feeling good and looking good. A healthy head of hair symbolizes good health and youthful vitality. Trichologists understand this personal investment and your hair restoration goals. Each salon visit to your trichologist will provide continuous hair health knowledge. So take control of the aging wheel and consult with a trichologist today!