2021 ResolutionsThe year 2021 is here! We’ve long anticipated this new beginning, and now is the time to buckle down. What will your salon or spa look like in the New Year? If you haven’t considered a New Year’s resolution, let us help you develop your 2021 game plan.

First, what is a resolution? A resolution is simply an intention. It is something you aim to do or not to do. It should aid in improving yourself or your business. It is a goal to be better than the year before! Once you’ve nailed down one or two resolutions for your team, it’s time to take action. Here are a few practices that will help you achieve your resolution.

Start Small

Everyone wants to set high expectations, especially after enduring a prior year of hardships. When your initial goal is to increase an asset, you may have to dial it back a few notches. It is easy to become discouraged from the start if your goal is too outlandish. Be sure it is attainable in the next twelve months. For example, if you want to increase your revenue, start with a small percentage of growth. After all, a 10-20% increase is still better than no growth at all. Small wins are still gains. That leads me to my next resolution tip.

New Year Resolution TipsMeasurable Benefits

Ask yourself if you can measure the goal for the year. It may require additional data collection methods, but the feedback will prove beneficial in the long run. If you resolve to increase your presence on social media, you can draw your attention to increased followers, the number of “shares” or “likes,” etc. Maybe you are aiming to keep a tidy shop in 2021. You’ll want to measure client satisfaction with a brief questionnaire or count the number of notable mentions on cleanliness in online reviews.

A more personal goal for the new year could be organization. How can your team become more organized and then record the benefits? You may track inventory to assess how successful your system of organization. You may begin to notice a change in how a scheduled workday. When your team becomes more organized, the time spent scrambling for misplaced items has now decreased. You may see more time in the workday to increase productivity elsewhere. It is your job to keep a resolution alive throughout the year, so be prepared to measure your hard work.

Visualize The Steps

Your next move is to envision the steps your team will take to succeed. The real changes take place during small acts of progress. Don’t intimidate your team with talk about the result. It would be best if you tried to focus on the steps in achievement versus the resolution itself. When your attention is on 2-3 daily tasks, your team can feel empowered to be a piece in the big picture.

If your salon’s resolution is to book more appointments, don’t obsess over gaps throughout the day. Instead, your team should encourage booking a client’s future appointment weeks in advance and consistently use social media to highlight times of low client volumes. For instance, every Monday, highlight openings for the week on Facebook or Instagram. An online reminder can make all the difference! Not to mention, creating a social media post can be done quickly without taking away from critical salon work.

More Education

Continuing EducationOur last resolution tip for success is to encourage lifelong learning. Regardless of your chosen resolution, the hair world is ever-changing. When you think you’ve learned it all, technology or society reveals new challenges. As our technology or tools change, we must stay updated. You and your team should strive to learn new skills and knowledge.

What knowledge is essential to study? There are many different hair types out there, and there are also many other conditions that affect hair follicles. Trichology could be the winning edge your team needs to study. Trichology is the science of the hair and scalp. Specializing in medical-related conditions that affect the hair and scalp, a trichologist can care for specific client needs. Although not medically certified as a doctor, a trichologist is trained to treat various client complaints associated with hair and scalp health disorders.

Arming your team with this knowledge will address hair concerns sooner rather than later. If you can help your clients maintain their hair before a hair loss problem arises, wouldn’t you want to? There are many hair care products and treatments trichologists recommend. If your team can connect with a specialist in the hair industry, your salon or spa will provide a holistic approach to caring for clients.

Move your team into the New Year with resolutions that will stick! As your team continues to put in the hardworking effort month after month, the benefits will soon reap themselves. Happy 2021! 

Contributing Editor
MaKayla Bartels
The Hair Society
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