A Work Sheet for Remodeling a Salon

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If you want to remodel your salon how should you begin? If you are a do-it-yourself type of planner than I suggest that you put together a work sheet with a list of everything you will need and the estimated costs for completion. Timeline will depend on your needs and wants and on the people you hire to do the job. Costs may vary depending on equipment desired.

Construction Breakdown Materials Cost Labor/Installation Costs
Construction Demolition
Window Treatments
Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment (FF&E’s)
Furniture Demolition
Architect’s Plans
Total $ $


Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment (FF&E’s) Breakdown Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment (FF&E’s) Cost
Styling Chairs
Dryer Chairs
Shampoo Units
Shampoo Cabinets
Pedicure Chairs
Manicure Stations
Styling Stations
Color Stations
Color Chairs
Color Lab
Makeup Unit
Reception Desk
Reception Furniture
Retail Displays
Washer & Dryer
LLLT Devices
Wall Displays
Misc. Tools
Total $

Before you even begin, think about bringing in a professional to help you formulate your plans and contact the various contractors for pricing. Depending on what you want and need in your salon and of course, on your budget…….you can build your dream with planning, imagination and creative budgeting.

The more you can do yourself the cheaper and quicker it will get done.  One last thing, if you are going to embark on a remodeling project, consider a human remodeling as well.  Its a great time to provide some team building and training to both yourself and staff.

Remember, this list is only a guide.  There may be many other items you will need to add or remove to your worksheet deepening on your salon and the services and offerings you provide.

Happy remodeling!!!

TMG Ventures, Inc. Digital Marketing for the hair industry