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Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites of Florida Offers Exciting New Career Opportunities

Fort Lauderdale, FL   Now is the time to understand how the beauty industry culture is rapidly changing to meet the ever-changing needs and desires of salon and spa professionals. It is estimated that one-third of all salon and spa professionals have already taken advantage of independent new career opportunities as booth, chair and suite renters. While traditional salons may exist forever, the newest research shows that this successful new trend will soon encompass over 50% of how all salon and spa professionals will operate by 2020. Whether you are a hairstylist, barber, aesthetician, nailcare artist or massage therapist, salon and spa suites are now changing the way to professionals live and work by adding more flexibility when it comes to personally, professionally and privately pampering your clients. It may be the perfect time to become your own boss!

Research New Salon Suites Opportunities:  It will be important for you to invest time to explore the various suite career options and wonderful new business opportunities near you. For example, the first suites concept developed in South Florida in 2003 was Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites. They offer upscale professional, private salon and spa suites, where you will own your beauty business. Salonz allows you to immediately experience more benefits than working in a traditional salon or spa, with many new freedoms.

The Future Of The Beauty Industry Has Arrived! Salon suites attract the best top salon and spa professionals. Unlike working within a traditional salon; a salon or spa suite provides the opportunity for established professionals with an established clientele to break free from their commissioned structure and limited freedoms working for someone else. These wonderful one-stop-shop beauty malls allow your clients to conveniently obtain all of their services under one roof. You can now easily own your own salon or spa with no major investment or hassle. Renting a chair or a ‘booth’ within a typical salon does have some financial benefits over working on commission as an employee. However, that traditional salon structure still does not provide the invaluable independence, freedom, ownership and entrepreneurial benefits that suite rental provides. Statistics show that salon suites are how beauty and spa professionals will choose to operate in the future!

Success With Suite Advantages:  This rapidly expanding concept is successfully raging across the USA. Suites offer you an instant business opportunity with a minimal investment and no long-term commitments, so you can get started right away. You will be able to create your own work schedule and come and go as you please, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Some of the salon suite facilities contain unique advantages.  For example, the Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites layouts allow you the flexibility to be private with your clients or open for walk-ins and socializing with your neighbors. Renting a salon suite allows you to set your own prices and to select and sell your favorite services and retail products, keeping all you earn. At Salonz, each suite includes all utilities, WiFi, and telephone and cable TV jacks. While you still need to be licensed and pay taxes, you will have 100% control of your earnings and income. Your name and business information will be posted on the lobby directory and next to your suite door. Your business cards, brochures and marketing materials will be professionally presented in the spacious and elegant lobby for regular and walk-in clients. Marc Finer shares, “At Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites you’re independent; not alone.”

A Hairstylist’s Success: Wendy Matovelle of Hair Culture Salon at Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites in Pembroke Pines, Florida, shares

 “My salon is very successful. Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites creates a wonderful private environment for our clients, allowing me to successfully grow without the huge overhead of a traditional salon. Many of the best complements I have received from my clients about Salonz is that they feel they really receive better one-on-one personal and undivided attention. They love the beautiful Salonz atmosphere and privacy. I always receive positive feedback about our location as well. Salonz has allowed me to create my own special personalized salon suite, as well as to help me grow both financially and professionally! The extra advantages here at Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites are career stability, professionalism and teamwork to support me as well as a great location, beautiful décor, reasonable rents, a warm environment and amenities with great added benefits such as advanced education, marketing and  magazine subscriptions. Salonz is a company that truly cares about their tenants and they support our path to success!”

 Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites now have six convenient south Florida locations in Boca Raton, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Palm Beach Gardens and Miami. For more information, a confidential free tour or to reserve your space, call 954-447-1412 or email  Visit

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