Why should you get regular scalp treatments?

A good scalp treatment (usually required on a regular basis) can increase the blood flow to your head and it is one of the best ways to treat dryness or oiliness and other skin conditions. Although you might need to see a Medical Professional for more serious conditions of the scalp; many treatments are available and can become part of your regular routine at your local Salon.

Scalp message is helpful; but not a cure for various scalp and hair conditions. It is necessary to combine these with quality  therapeutical products.

For OILY HAIR, products containing coal tar, pyrithione, selenium or salicyclic acid will work to slow the death of regeneration of skin cells and can also reduce inflammation and itching. These ingredients also help to treat fungi and reduce the oil on your scalp. Your Salon or clinic will have a supply of the necessary products on hand to aid in the treatment of your particular condition and they will be a part of your regular scalp treatment.


If your hair appears dull and is itchy and flaky you are dealing with a dry scalp. Products containing Salicylic acid works to ease the above symptoms but you will need a moisturizing product to avoid drying out the hair. Products containing Urea and Lactic acid will help to reduce flakiness and excessive dryness. Also, products containing corticosteroids can provide relief.

Treatments for Chronic Scalp Problems

A Dermatologist or general doctor can prescribe stronger medicated shampoos and topical creams which are more potent than over-the-counter products. Also Vitatmin D3 analogs can be prescribed for topical treatments as well as gels and other topical creams. This will be necessary if you have a medical condition that can be best treated by a medical professional.

Scalp Treatments at Your Local Salon or Clinic

After the proper and thorough analysis of your particular scalp issue, your salon professional will schedule you for regular treatments which include both message and the necessary products that will aid in resolving your particular problems. Many Salons have Programs and Packages that assure that you will continue to get regular scalp treatments for as often as needed on a monthly basis and where you can schedule convenient appointments and pay a monthly fee. Imagine taking time out from your busy day to sit in a comfortable chair while having your scalp messaged and treated.