Opportunity Next ExitBy: David Hepburn Jr.


Seize Your Opportunities and deal with your challenges. It’s ALWAYS your choice!

“Get inspired by life. Get inspired by the possibilities for friendship, love, achievement and fulfillment.” 365 Days, 8760, Hours, 52600 Minutes and 3,153,600 Seconds. That’s 2013 in time. What do you plan on doing with your time?

Get excited about the opportunities for growth and rich experience that come with every turn of events. But be sure that you are looking for the growth and rich experience. See it. Live it. Get excited about living in a world that’s filled with abundance in every direction. Can you see the abundance around you? If not, look around again. It’s there, you just have to open your eyes to it.

Get passionate about making a difference in your own life and in the lives of those you can affect. Get passionate about expressing and fulfilling those dreams that are uniquely yours. Stop playing small, it serves no purpose to the world to play smaller than you are supposed to.

Give meaning to each moment. Be in each moment. Don’t be thinking about the past or the future. Be in each moment. Give the best of yourself to everything you do.