Retail sales have many salons asking, “Is it really worth it?”. The simple answer is, “It depends!”. Your clients can spend their money elsewhere, but why not give them a one-stop-shop? You can’t make extra revenue without OFFERING additional products & services. So the saying goes, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. How can your salon make retail a shot worth taking? These are the questions you need to ask:

What Products are Used in Your Salon?

Products sold in your salonTake advantage of products used within your salon. Why recommend a product the client can’t sample firsthand. You can utilize the senses of touch and smell within your salon by using the products offered for sale during hair appointments. When using a product, point out what it’s doing in terms of softness and know the ingredients’ aroma. Aim to offer all the products your clients are sampling.

Your staff has the opportunity to showcase their favorite products during your client’s appointment. As a salon owner, you should discuss products with your team. What is working, and what merchandise isn’t addressing your audience? Simply Organic Beauty reminds us to conduct in-depth reviews of products:

“Once you choose to only sell products you personally believe in, the idea of retailing in your salon becomes a lot easier. You will no longer feel like you’re selling anything – you’re just simply recommending products you know will fulfill your clients’ hair needs.”

“8 ‘Tried and True’ Retail Tips For Salons.” Simply Organic Beauty, 2 June 2017,

Believe in yourself, the products will followBelieving in your merchandise will make the selling pitch come naturally. Build a selection of crowd favorites! Testimonies versus scripted persuasions can make all the difference. Also, your salon should have a system in place to log customer preferences. Appointments for each client might be a little more spread out than usual due to salon capacity limitations. Enabling your stylists to easily navigate through a list of what products a client liked or disliked will help make the sale. A client might be hesitant to purchase an unfamiliar shampoo or spray on the first trial run. This is why your stylist should have access to what products were used on prior visits and follow up with the client at the next appointment.

Is Your Salon Offering At-Home Maintenance?

At home care kitsRemind your staff to emphasize the importance of at-home maintenance! When your client has successfully booked a visit to the salon, try to meet their needs with all you got. This year has changed the way many of us view leaving the comfort of home. By offering a “take-home kit” of products, your stressed pandemic client can now feel at ease. Those clients who are abstaining from their usual mall shopping trip will now have the opportunity to make the purchase from your salon versus adding a trip to a specialty store or extending their grocery store visit. It is a win-win situation for everyone! They are empowered to style an “on point” look from home, and your salon gains the extra revenue. You want to inspire your guests, as well as educate them about the importance of at-home maintenance.

Why Should Clients Listen to Your Recommendations?

Salon client trustBuilding professional credibility on social media outlets and inside the salon will make your business stand out. Establish your salon on the web! When a potential client searches for a salon, they look for a clean shop with an experienced staff. Your social media outlet MUST project this image. Posting photographs of merchandise online will serve as a reminder to those scrolling. The goal is to engage an online audience by posting imagery that encourages comments and “likes”. Your salon can highlight its favorite products on Instagram or Facebook, alongside their portfolio works and online reviews. UK’s Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing says:

“Instagram is brilliant at showing potential new clients what your business, expertise, and customer care are really like. It lets them ‘get to know you.’”

“Posting strong visuals is a marketing must-have as Instagram’s simple layout focuses attention on the quality of your content, not the quantity. Eye-catching photography is an essential to attract new followers to your account, engage them, and finally persuade them to book.”

“How to Attract New Clients to a Beauty or Hair Salon in 2020.” Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing, 27 Oct. 2020,

Social media applications can conduct sales directly or guide your viewers to a website. Encourage your stylists to become online educators! Through this teaching role, a stylist will be viewed as an expert and gain professional credibility to anyone who views your content. Your salon needs to make sales to current customers and build a clientele of those searching for quality goods and services. Make an effort to sell in house and online!

Everyone will leave happy when you sell a product that achieves salon-quality results. Clients can now recreate the “fresh out of the salon” feel daily. Hair goals while they are away.

Contributing Editor
MaKayla Bartels
The Hair Society
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