The Hair Society Goes One on One with Dr. Crystal Porter

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The Hair Society connected with Dr. Porter to get a more in-depth look at the rapidly advancing technology within the industry, her various training modules for hair professionals, and her thoughts on popular myths and products in the market.

Japanese research could put an end to unwanted baldness

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In a breakthrough that blows previous efforts out of the water, new research could soon put an end to unwanted baldness.

Scientists Find Skin Cells at the Root of Balding, Gray Hair

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Researchers have identified the cells that directly give rise to hair as well as the mechanism that causes hair to turn gray

Secrets To Curing Hair Loss Might Be Hiding In Our Immune System

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Not only does baldness bring about aesthetic issues to the sufferer, it might also become a source of deep psychological issues and lowered self-esteem. Because of this, hair loss treatment has become a million-dollar business in the United States, and scientists work around the clock to come with a better hair growth solution than the current ones. Join to read article

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