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By:  Merilyn E. Ulrich,
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One on One with Carlos Piña

A Journey to Success

Carlos Piña

As with many immigrants to the United States of America, Carlos Piña and his family took every opportunity to become Americans at great risk to themselves and a strong desire to achieve greatness.

Carlos was born in Havana, Cuba in 1955. He and his family lived under the rule of Fidel Castro. He and his family longed to live in a place that allowed them to experience what every American expects and often takes for granted… all of the freedoms granted under the U.S. Constitution.

From November 1965 to February 1966 President Lyndon Johnson initiated something called “Freedom Flights” which allowed Cuban citizens to leave Cuba and come to America. Carlos’s family were sponsored by an older brother who had already settled in the United States and in 1966, at the age of 10, he and his family were granted political asylum by the U.S. Government.

Carlos began his career by delivering the Miami Herald Newspaper in the early mornings and the late afternoons. He has always maintained his independence and worked for himself from age 11 until the present day.

On August 10th, 1974 he married his wife Maria and will soon celebrate his 41st anniversary. He and Maria have 2 daughters (Francis born in 1975 and Alexis born in 1978.) They also have 5 grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 7 years old.

Carlos is the Chief Executive Officer of his company which provides the Capillus 272, Capillus Office Pro and Hair Therapy Products. His wife Maria is COO and his daughter Francis is CMO.

Carlos has extensive experience in the hair loss industry, in advertising and marketing. He is the head of a global network with access to experts in his field on a worldwide level and is dedicated to providing leading-edge products with the latest innovative technology.

Our goal is that this interview will help to educate and allow our readers to know about Carlos and what he has to offer to the hair restoration industry.

Before we begin we’d like to offer a brief definition of what LLLT (Low-Level Laser Technology) is.

“LLLT uses low level (low output power) lasers and or light-emitting diodes to boost hair follicle function. The laser’s energy is used to stimulate hair growth through a process called photobiomodulation, whereas the light from a laser has an effect on your hair follicles  when the specific wavelength of light is absorbed by the target tissue (scalp).   LLLT encourages new hair growth through either a direct or an indirect increase in proliferative activity within the hair follicle epithelial matrix.”

HS: How long have you been offering the Capillis272?Capillus Logo
CP: Since 2012.

HS: What is the Capillus 272?
CP: Doctors believed that lasers stimulate vessels that go directly to the hair follicle to stop hair loss and encourage regrowth of hair. Therefore we developed the Capillus272 cap which contains272 lasers. These lasers energize the hair follicles and spur new, natural hair growth.

Under the guidance of a hair restoration professionals, Capillus272 may be used as a stand-alone treatment for hair loss or in conjunction with topical foams, prescription medicines and hair transplant surgeries. The device and treatment protocol is cleared by the FDA to promote hair growth in males and females with androgenetic alopecia (AGA).

Our Capillus272 laser light therapy cap isn’t your typical, everyday hat. It is a Physician supervised approach that’s clinically proven to regrow hair- affordably and easily. Over the years, numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of laser light therapy for hair regrowth, and our cap is FDA-cleared, so you can prescribe it to patients with confidence. In fact, nothing tops it for laser output, head coverage and convenience. Patients just tuck it under a regular ball cap and wear it for 30 minutes every other day.

It’s a great solution for any lifestyle. The Capillus272 is completely mobile and can be used for walks around the house or wherever a patient may go.

HS: Who can use the Capillus272?
CP: Both men and women over the age of 18.Capillus 272 Pro

HS: What makes the Capillus272 different from other products on the market?
CP: All products using laser therapy must be in compliance with the FDA and Capillus272 is the only laser cap device on the market to be cleared and approved by the FDA and has been proven to be safe and effective for its intended use.

HS: Have there been any clinical trials on the Capillus 272?
CP: Yes, we conducted clinical trials for a period of 16 weeks in 2014 and it was approved by the IRB ( Institutional Review Board) and was filed with

HS: Tell us about your FDA clearance.
CP: Capillus272 Laser Therapy Cap and Capillus272 OfficePro are FDA-cleared. At Capillus we understand that laser therapy devices need to be regulated in order to keep patients safe. You can check the 510(k) Premarket Notification Database on and the Establishment Registration & Device Listing Database on A 510(k) clearance is an acknowledgment by the FDA that they have reviewed and are in agreement with the premarket notification made to them by the manufacturer. Any device that has a “Substantially Equivalent” decision is legal for sales in the USA. Accountability is necessary to ensure that lasers are up to current laser and electrical safety standards, and to ensure that the devices are efficacious.

At Capillus, we are committed to meeting regulatory requirements and that’s why we sought and received FDA 510(k) clearances for our devices. It’s also important that patients and physicians be wary of devices making hair restoration claims that do not have the 510(k) clearance. We encourage everyone to check the websites stated above to ensure that the device you are entrusting for patients is legal in the USA and meets all of the necessary requirements. There are several laser cap devices on the market in the USA for hair restoration. Some are legal and some are not; the Capillus272 and Capillus272 OfficePro are both legal. LaserCap® brand and others claiming to be Capillus-style or Lasercap®-style devices are not FDA Cleared at this time.

HS: Since the hair restoration industry can be unforgiving at times when it comes to new products and services, how did you navigate this and how do you respond to any detractors?
CP: We provide 272 lasers which offers the most coverage around the temple area.  Additionally, our caps are handmade; we invite all visitors to view the process and will educate them in every way possible in the use of our products.  Of course, we also have the FDA clearance which no one else can offer in the form we do, as well as many experts in the hair loss and restoration fields to aid in explaining our products and the value that they offer to the patient.

HS: I understand that you have a line of “Wet Products”. Can you share what they are and how they work with your laser therapy solutions?
CP: We have Capillus Shampoo which exfoliates the scalp and removes build-up of environmental pollutants and excess sebum. Capillus Conditioner which is a hydrating botanically infused conditioner that enriches each hair strand, Capillus Activator which is specifically formulated to address the known causes of hair loss and fortifies the hair, and Capillus Revitalizer which is a state of the art serum that deeply cleanses and exfoliates the scalp, dissolving excess sebum. All of these products work in conjunction with the Capillus 272 caps and aid in developing and maintaining healthy hair. All of these products are believed to create a healthy environment for hair growth.

HS: Are your products an affordable solution to thinning hair and hair loss?
CP: It is affordable because it is necessary and most of all it works! It provides the most coverage and you always get what you pay for.

HS: Do your products come with a warranty or guarantee?
CP: Yes, we provide a three year warranty for parts and labor.

HS: You recently introduced the Capillus272 OfficePro. Can you tell me more about this device and how it compares to other in-office solutions:
CP: The FDA-cleared Capillus272 OfficePro is a revolutionary introduction to the market for Physicians who offer in-office low-level laser treatments for hair loss patients. It features more lasers than any other FDA-cleared clinical device. It’s a simple method for application of LLLT. It provides patients an affordable method of treating thinning hair and also provides them with the opportunity to experience the benefits of laser therapy at the office before committing to the purchase of the Capillus272 device for home use. It uses the same technology as the Capillus272 home-use device and is a Class 3R light device as defined by current safety standards. It is comfortable to use, practical, offers more laser coverage and total power output than other in-office clinical devices, is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical and is quick and easy.

HS: Do you sell direct or through authorized retailers?
CP: Only licensed Hair Professionals carry our products.

HS: Where can the consumer go to learn more about the full Capillus line of products?

HS: Where are your products available?
CP: The United States, Asia Pacific area, Australia and Europe. We are a global company.

HS: Is this technology good for everyone with thinning hair or hair loss?
CP: It’s for anyone (men and women) who are over the age of 18 and suffer from Androgenetic Alopcia.

HS: Are you working on developing any new products?
CP: Yes, we have other products in development including but not limited to a line of Keratin Hair Fibers in 12 colors. There will also be more exciting news coming from Capillus in the near future.

HS: Anything else you would like to add before we finish our interview?
CP: We pride ourselves on doing a lot of research to assure not only the very best products but the best prices. We seek out the help of experts on a world-wide basis looking for the most talented and best informed individuals in the field of hair loss and hair restoration and we have a Quality, Compliance, and Regulatory Affairs Director to help us maintain our meticulous approach to all of our products. Our goal is to put out the best products that offer the best results… Always!

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Capillus, LLC is a limited liability corporation based out of Miami Florida.

1715 NW 82 Avenue
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Nationally or Internationally: +1 (786) 888-6249 or +1 (888) 272-9599

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