One on OneBy:  Merilyn E. Ulrich,
Contributing Editor/Senior Staff Writer
The Hair Society

One on One Interview with Dr. Greg Maguire, Chairman/CEO of BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. & NeoGenesis.

Interviewing Dr. Maguire was both an educational and important experience. He is not only the man behind some valuable and important products (treatments for hair loss and skin rejuvenation), but the actual researcher who discovered these treatments. He not only runs a company but created it from scratch. He spent many years in the lab researching and perfecting what I consider to be the present and future of hair loss treatment. Why are his discoveries so important to our membership and the public at large? Let’s read and learn the answer to that question via his own words.

Imagine waking up one morning and seeing what was once a young unlined face or a head full of beautiful hair now altered forever due to aging, illness or a myriad of other conditions which cause our bodies to break down.

Now imagine finding products that can restore not only youthful skin but replace lost or thinning hair.

With the onset of dedicated men and women who spend their days, nights and years researching what could be honestly called the cure for just about everything that ails mankind it is possible to regain what the body can no longer produce with the exact same mechanisms that were once present.

That’s what this interview is about and that’s why it is essential reading.

This interview is of the utmost importance to everyone in the hair restoration and skin care industry and a must read for all concerned. Dr. Maguire and his company are the gateway to the present and future of our industry. His dedication and determination for the betterment of society is praiseworthy and it was an honor to do this interview.

Greg Maguire, Ph.D. Chairman, CEO

Interview with Dr. Greg Maguire, Chairman/CEO of BioRegenerative Sciences

HS: May I quote from your website as to your background?

GM: Of course.

Background of Dr. Greg Maguire:

Dr. Greg Maguire is a former professor of neuroscience and ophthalmology at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. His graduate training was at the University of California, Berkeley, University of Houston, University of Texas, The Marine Biological Labs, Woods Hole, MA, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY. He was visiting associate professor of physiology at Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo, Japan, visiting assistant professor of molecular neurobiology at the University of Washington, and a visiting scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), at Harvard University.

Awarded a prestigious Fulbright-Fogarty Fellowship from the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Maguire managed his NIH funded laboratory at UCSD studying tissue degeneration and regeneration, and the role of stem cell released molecules(SRM) through paracrine and autocrine actions to maintain, repair, and regenerate human tissues. His NIH funded studies of systems biology and reverse engineering at the University of California, Berkeley and stem cell biology at UC San Diego led to the development of adult stem cell-based S²RM® technology for the development of therapeutics and medical procedures. Dr. Maguire has over 100 publications and is currently working on his book entitled, “Spontaneous Stem Cell Healing.” He is co-founder of the SRM Living Foundry at UCSD in San Diego, and is co-founder and CEO of BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc.

HS: What motivated you to go into stem cell research?

GM: Stem Cell research and my family are my great loves. My laboratory was working on neural regeneration in the 1990s at UCSD when one of my colleagues in the Neuroscience Dept. discovered that adult brain contained stem cells that could create new brain cells. This had not previously been known, and was a game changer for me. As a result, in 1995 I began to study adult stem cells as a means to repair the nervous system and other tissues, such as the skin.

HS: Dr. Maguire, I’d like to talk about your Hair Serum, NeoBrow and Neolash products. Can you explain how these products are used?

GM: Sure. I’ll start with the Hair Serum. This is a very simple process. Using a dropper that is provided with the bottle of our Hair Serum, you fill the dropper and squeeze out the dose directly onto the scalp where thinning or lost hair exists…not directly to the hair. Hair is a non living tissue so you must apply to the scalp where the hair follicles grow. Where hair has thinned or been lost, the Hair Serum reinvigorates the normal mechanism of the follicle. Also, follicles exist within a substrate. That substrate is important to the growth of the hair and reconditioning the hair follicle and scalp. The Hair Serum is replacing what the body once produced on its own but no longer does. You apply this Serum daily to the scalp areas where you see thinning or lost hair for the first week. After the first week, you apply it every other day to the same area. Always apply to a clean scalp to avoid oily areas. Oil causes a barrier so a clean scalp is important. One bottle should last 4-5 weeks and you may experience fuller, thicker hair in approximately 4-6 weeks. Allow the Serum to penetrate the scalp for 5-10 minutes when applied and then you can use your regular hair regiment afterwards. Over a period of a year a client will need to maintain the positive effect and will use 3-4 bottles of the Hair Serum to maintain that positive effect.

Neobrow is a similar process but the application process is different. A mini-brush is provided to brush the solution onto the brow. The process is the same as the Hair Serum regiment and the results will be noticeable within the same time frame as the Hair Serum process.

Neolash has a soft silicone applicator which is brushed over the lash line (where the hair follicles grow). The same process as described in our other hair products applies.

Actual Hair Serum Results, Before and After

HS: Are there any long lasting negative side effects from any of these products? If not, why?

GM: We don’t use any foreign chemicals in any of our products; we simply put back what the body once produced normally when it was younger and healthier. We are using the body’s own natural materials and since the mid 90’s when we began using our products there has been absolutely no adverse effects to anyone using them. The products are not tested on animals but through a battery of other test they have been shown to be safe and are non-mutagenic. In other words, they do not cause mutations in DNA.

HS: Do you believe that stem cell research and development will be the eventual cure for baldness?

GM: I believe that Stem Cell therapy is the key to not only curing baldness but in curing many other diseases.

HS: Do you still do research as well as teaching and running BioRegenerative Sciences?

GM: Yes. BioRegenerative Sciences is a research and development company, and therefore much of my time is devoted to research about how stem cells work, and how we can harness the power of stem cells to better develop safe and effective treatments for many maladies. Adult Stem Cell research is even endorsed by the Catholic Church and they hold regular Stem Cell Congresses on the Vatican Campus where they bring in many experts on the subject for constant study. As I said, this is my great love and the way that I began my career and I will always continue my research.

HS: How does you company differ from others; say like L’Oreal?

GM: Our technology is not one size fits all. We use particular stem cell types to heal particular tissue and this is why we are different from other companies. BRS is a technology company and the others are sales and marketing companies.

HS: I’ve heard that BRS is known for it’s charitable contributions. Can you tell me how you contribute and what you do?

GM: Our goal is to support the betterment of mankind. We do pro bono work to further develop technology for issues that affect people who cannot afford treatments and are considered poor. We are not about the money.

HS: Have you found it easy to go from the lab to the market place?

GM: No, it’s difficult because our S²RM® technology is a new way of thinking of how to heal the body and that is not always easy to bring to market.

HS: Any last thoughts before we close?

GM: GM: I am a professor and a researcher and obviously these are not fields that you go into to make a lot of money. I do what I do out of the desire to heal and to make the lives of everyone easier and healthier. I love what I do and I will continue to try and help better the lives of others.