It is safe to say that during 2020 and 2021 people have been experimenting more with expressing themselves, whether that be through fashion, makeup, and even hair. People are getting extremely creative with different hairstyles, and I believe that it has been even more apparent this summer. Tik Tok and Pinterest are amazing outlets to show new and fun ways to do hair, and I personally see people showing new cool, and fun hairstyles that are perfect for the summertime. 

Personally, I have been seeing a lot of hairstyles from the 90’s coming back around, and I love it. Middle parts are all the rage, and almost a necessity at this point. One of the more popular styles I have been is adding braids to any normal day look, while also keeping the middle part. There are so many ways to achieve this, because its so versatile. Many girls are just adding little hanging braids to their natural hair, or they are doing pigtails with braids, French braids and so much more. Styles like this are so versatile, great for the beach, going out on the town with friends, and so much more, I would classify this style as more of a casual one, but there are definitely ways to dress it up more.

Trendy Hairstyles of 2021 Trendy Hairstyles of 2021 Trendy Hairstyles of 2021
Another super popular, but also quick and easy style to do is involving claw clips. Claw clips are definitely a huge comeback from the 90’s. It is probably the quickest style of the bunch, because most of the time all you have to do is brush your hair and clip it up! So often you will see it so often in the influencer community on Instagram, it is rare that I will run to the store and not see someone wearing one. Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid have been seen rocking this style so many times. Although this is such a quick and easy style, it still looks sophisticated and sleek. This hairstyle is good for when you’re on the go to run errands, to get your hair out of your face while working from home, and it can even be nice enough to wear to the office, it can easily be dressed up, or down.

Trendy Hairstyles of 2021 Trendy Hairstyles of 2021 Trendy Hairstyles of 2021
Within the same realm of claw clips, hair accessories are huge this summer. Whether it be headbands, barrettes, decorative clips, scarves, hats, bandanas and so much more. People are getting so creative finding ways to spruce up their outfits, accessories seem to be everything right now, and that’s included in hair as well. Headbands, scarfs and hats are so good to wear the day before a wash day, it can also prolong the time between washes, because it is better for your hair to not wash too much! These styles are more on the young, and casual side, I would consider them more street wear, but there are a few barrettes that are chic and perfect to get your hair out of your face in the office. 

Trendy Hairstyles of 2021
Shaggy, choppy, layered haircuts are all the rage currently, and those are a style in themselves. For some hair types, all you have to do is let your hair airdry and it will lay perfectly, but others a round brush and a hairdryer will do the trick. Some of these shaggy hairstyles go as far as looking like a mullet, which is so popular for women and men at the moment. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish and Zendaya are rocking these shaggy cuts, and look amazing, and effortless. This is a haircut for anyone, especially those who are on the go and want to put little effort into their hair every day.

Trendy hair Styles of 2021 Trendy hair Styles of 2021 Trendy hair Styles of 2021 Trendy hair Styles of 2021
Along with haircuts, hair color is a big statement piece these days, especially for millennials and gen-z. Money pieces are all the rage, whether it be on dark hair, blonde hair, red hair, or even fashion colors. Money pieces are the two front face framing pieces, and usually they are brighter than the rest of your hair, to make your beautiful face pop! It can be more nonchalant, and blended, or it can be a huge statement piece from the rest of your hair. Not everyone just does a lighter shade, or a blonde shade, if you are a little more bold, people are even adding a pop of color to this area as well! Adding these light or colored pieces to the front of your hair is perfect for summer, as many women like to have their hair lighter in the summer months, and many young women like to add some color during this time as well. It’s perfect if you want to stand out, but it can also be done in a more subdue way as well. 

Trendy hair Styles of 2021 Trendy hair Styles of 2021 Trendy hair Styles of 2021 Trendy hair Styles of 2021
The last hairstyle I have is space buns, they are so fun, young, and flirty. This is definitely a more casual, streetstyle look, but I believe that pretty much anyone can pull it off. You can throw all of your hair into these cute buns, or you can do a half up half down look, and you can do it so many different ways. They can be messy buns, ballerina buns, braided buns and so much more. This is also another good way to avoid washing your hair for another day, and a good way to get your hair out of your face at the beach, on a hike, or even on a bike ride. It’s an easy style that anyone, with any hair type and (most) lengths can achieve. 

Trendy hair Styles of 2021 Trendy hair Styles of 2021 Trendy hair Styles of 2021 Trendy hair Styles of 2021
Whether you are going to work, school, running errands, the beach, or anything else, these hairstyles are all so versatile and work for pretty much anyone. All of these styles work for any hair type, and any length that is past your chin. I think the biggest take away we can learn from what is trending in 2021, is to be yourself, and express yourself exactly how you want to. The coolest thing you can do, is do exactly what you want to, and be confident doing it. Have fun with your hair and use it as an accessory this summer!

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