Hair and Scalp
For those of you who own a salon and want to increase both your knowledge and your business learn this process and use it often!

I am going to quote Wikipedia for a definition of Trichology before I introduce Dr. David Kingsley who I interviewed and got to know.

“Trichology (from Greek θρίξ, gen.: τριχός, “hair”) is the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp. Trichologists themselves are not normally licensed healthcare workers, although members of the medical profession can undertake courses and/or careers within trichology. Trichology can be used in forensic studies of hairs to find suspects. Forensic trichology can determine the approximate age, body mass, race, and other important traits of the hair’s owner.

Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists (one type a skin specialist) who diagnose the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hairs ; diseases of the scalp and treat according to cause”
Hair and Scalp

Dr. Kingsley convinced me of the importance of what Trichology entails. He convinced me that in order to treat the whole person where hair loss is concerned you must examine their entire lifestyle. What they eat, what medications they take, do they exercise, what kinds of stress levels are they under and how and who are they as a whole person. Without knowing all of the above you are only treating one aspect of their condition and handicapping your ability to treat their condition.

We all consist of many parts of the whole human being that we are. Many of us are unaware that certain aspects of our lives allow for various disease processes to enter our bodies and in some cases, take over our lives. To treat any abnormal condition of the human body we must study the entire person.

If you go to a Family Practice Doctor because you are experiencing particular symptoms, that doctor will check out everything related to your complaints. Then he will run tests and put together a whole picture of your inner and outer workings and try to make a diagnosis based on what he learns. If you are fatigued, for example, he won’t simply give you a sleeping pill and tell you to go home (at least we hope he won’t!). He will study your blood work and your organ function and he will ask you Trichologylots of questions about your life and activities.

A Trichologist does something similar. He or she will ask you lots of questions about what you eat, how you sleep, what you do on a day to day basis. He or she will then put together a picture of a person and their lifestyle before suggesting a particular type of treatment.

How can you benefit from learning and practicing Trichology? First of all, you will become more educated about your clients and some of the answers that they give you may lead you to the type of service you can give them. A successful course of treatments based on specific knowledge can assure that your client will return to you for a full course of treatments and keep coming back because what you are doing works. They will tell other people about you with confidence in your ability to render the proper course of treatments and they will expand on your reputation in a positive way.

I can’t deny that this will also increase your bottom line as well because treatments aren’t free and a regular customer keeps the cash flowing.

It’s a win-win for everyone. The client gets what they need and so do you.

It isn’t like asking someone to spend ten years in a medical school but is an easy to learn and value enhancing process. Dr. Kingsley teaches courses in Trichology and he is the one to ask about how you can learn what you need to know.

In interviewing this brilliant man I knew that somewhere in the future I would write more about him and what he offers to those who belong to the Hair restoration Industry. I was convinced and I am not a part of your industry. I used to be Nurse though, and I wish that I had been offered the courses that Dr. Kingsley teaches. It would have made me a better Nurse and greatly benefited my patients.

Take advantage of this process and approach to treating your clients and you and they will gain in many ways.