Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are for educational purposes. The Hair Society, its writers, and staff do not endorse any specific product mentioned in this article. We are taking an objective look at a multi-level marketing company and wellness products. You should consult a medical professional before use of any of the mentioned products.

Multi Level MarketingThe multi-level marketing(MLM) industry is booming. Brands are selling their products through our neighborhoods & online communities. In today’s world, you have probably received a handful of invites to multi-level marking parties or groups on social media. These “parties” or social gatherings online are not about celebrating a personal milestone and are more focused on celebrating a product line. It is a shopping spree among your friends, family members, or “friends of friends.” This approach is not new. The products, however, are evolving into a crazed culture now more than ever before.

Brands are launching product lines to promote wellness. In the hair industry, a multi-level marketing brand you’re probably familiar with is Monat. Now, let me remind you that I’m not offering false claims about whether or not Monat products work. I only want to mention the concerning lack of certified training associated with Monat & similar MLM brands.

When purchasing an unfamiliar brand or product, it is essential to research merchant qualifications. Product ingredients should not be the only selling point. In terms of health and wellness, there must be a professional’s voice of reason. All sales representatives & advocates should be transparently qualified to offer their knowledge on treatment or specific commodities, especially if their goods are beneficial to your overall well-being.

Medical professionals are required to study and practice their science before offering wellness advice. All medical professionals must agree to an oath of ethical practice on top of tested and continuous education. This promise to do no intentional harm must go hand in hand with an evaluation of knowledge and skill. It protects you and the doctors! As clients, we can be at ease, knowing certified professionals selected a treatment plan with our best interest in mind. You must ask yourself when purchasing these wellness products, “Are these products being recommended to me by a professional with all the facts? What promises or guarantees are there? How am I certain my well-being is the top priority?”

Product TrainingIf you join Monat as a retailer, you do not receive formal training from an individual qualified to offer their knowledge. The company’s policies and procedures document states “ongoing communication” between a market partner and their downline is a must, but there is no required knowledge evaluation to sell Monat products. As noted in the Monat Policy and Procedures section 4.2.1:

“Upline Market Partners are also responsible to motivate and train new Market Partners in MONAT product knowledge, effective sales techniques, the MONAT Compensation Plan, and compliance with Company Policies and Procedures.”

ConcerningThis lack of certification should sound concerning, especially when advocating wellness merchandise to customers with diverse health conditions and needs. It might not feel uncomfortable taking hair or wellness advice from your cousin or neighbor, but you must remember to defend your well-being. Protect yourself from false information by trusting in education and tested results. The casual nature of a multi-level marketing gathering can feel safe. If you’re sitting among familiar people in a home setting, you may be comfortable making a purchase. It will feel good supporting your sales representative in their business ventures because you know them, but how comfortable should you feel about sampling new products? The answer relies solely on certification.

If you don’t have to be certified to sell the product, you’re potentially harming those who make a purchase and possibly damaging your credibility if adverse effects occur. Committing to a brand is an investment and can elevate your business, but you must focus on the accountability aspect. Who will be accountable if unwanted results occur? How do I ensure safety among my customers, and how do I safeguard myself?

MONAT Sleep Drops

MONAT Sleep Drops
(Image from MONAT Global website)

Another alarming discussion point is the holistic nature that many MLM brands idealize. For example, Monat products are advertised to benefit hair, skin, pet, & wellness. You can find a variety of retail items on the Monat Global website that expand beyond haircare. Wellness retail such as Sleep Drops are advertised to aid in “deep restorative sleep.” When searching for a detailed description of the drops, Monat Global first provides this note & FDA disclaimer:

“To learn more about MONAT Sleep Drops, please contact your MONAT Market Partner.

 FDA Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

Sleep Drops

As you continue to scroll, there are more wellness claims and instructions for use. Again, we must not forget the profoundly concerning nature of this. Anyone can purchase or sell this item without formal licensing. When a brand offers an all-encompassing product line, it creates a brand culture. Many multi-level marketing platforms encourage customers to join the family of brand users by purchasing many items. It is an opportunity to purchase products that could benefit more than one aspect of your life. This culture suggests a “dive-in approach” to buying into one brand for enhancement in your life, daily routine, & your family’s overall wellness. Even your pet can take advantage of these benefits! Monat and other brands target petcare as another way to make the sale.

Specialized authorization needs to be evident in the brand’s identity. Professional businesses offering goods or services are very transparent in the hard work put into becoming certified. It is not something to hide. Those companies stand out in quality and education standards. Invest in those companies if you’re genuinely looking to aid your clients and yourself.

In previous articles, we stress the importance of coordinating product use with a professional. Do not forget this mantra. We recommend a consultation for your safety. Consulting with a qualified professional can help you achieve your wellness goals, and we must always remember how vital that specific training is!

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