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Merilyn UlrichBy:  Merilyn E. Ulrich,
Contributing Editor/Senior Staff Writer
The Hair Society

I have written hundreds of articles about hair loss since the beginning of 2015. I have covered topics such as laser treatments, hair transplants, scalp treatments, lotions, potions, all manner of wet products, hair systems and I have shared personal stories that involve this huge industry. I have covered research, salons, customer service and business in general.

Don't Give Up

What have I learned about all of you throughout this writing journey? I have learned that you are a dedicated bunch who care about what you do. I have learned that you constantly try to keep up-to-date on the latest treatments and products. I have also learned that you aren’t always a cohesive group and that there is a lot of competition among you. I suppose that’s normal for any business where the annual income reaches into the billions of dollars.

I have read web sites for your individual businesses and for the groups that many of you belong to in order to join together in this large industry. I have been writing for one of the newest among you and know that the people who run it are determined to educate and bond the industry and it’s members. That has not always been an easy process but the desire to keep going and make the hair restoration industry better never ceases.

I have personally spoken to a few of you starting with a lovely lady named Vicki Burchfield. She taught me what a true professional is all about in this industry. She educated me about how to run a salon and how to make it better. After Vicki I got to know Christina Garner (who, in order to make full disclosure, is married to my son Richard, who also happens to be the President and CEO of The Hair Society). She is another true professional whose cosmetology talents I have observed up close and personal. She cares about her clients and about her industry. Then came Sy Sperling, the Chairman of The Hair Society and the founder of Hair Club For Men. What a fun time I had talking to and listening to Sy talk about his history and what he hopes for the future of the hair restoration industry. Next came Dr. David Kingsley, the foremost expert in Trichology who runs a successful business while educating anyone willing to listen and broaden their own horizons. He single handedly convinced me that Trichology is an essential tool in this trade. I spoke to Dr. Alan Bauman who is an expert in hair transplant surgery and at the top of his field. He was such a gentle and dedicated man who really knew his way around a complicated specialty and he taught me a lot too.

Having gotten to know some of you (with many more to come), I have learned to respect you and to admire your good works. I have come to realize that this industry is ever growing and expanding and that new treatments and therapies are ongoing due to research and innovative human beings who are determined to help those with Alopecia and all manner of hair loss.

With so many products I have also learned that there are people out there who will take the money of the desperate and unhappy folks who suffer with hair loss through no fault of their own but due to illness, certain treatments for serious conditions such as Cancer, genetic inheritance, and lifestyles that are conducive to developing hair loss. I wrote about “Quackery” in this industry and it made me sad that so many millions of dollars are spent each year on methods that don’t work and will NEVER work.

So, after all of this I have gained a true appreciation for those of you who treat your clients with the dignity that they deserve and the products and treatments that truly benefit them. As a writer and NOT a member of the hair loss industry I wanted to salute you all and tell you that I have learned to appreciate all you do. I hope that the public gets to know you in their time of need and discovers what I have, you are all amazing!



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