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It’s hard to balance what life throws your way sometimes. It is even harder to find time to learn new things and share ideas. At The Hair society, we want to help you fill your drive time or free time with audio content that will help strengthen your mind with information related to the hair industry. We provide you with interviews with notable guests and fantastic content about the hair loss industry. We will also have podcasts on educational advice, tips, and tricks, as well as career advice. We develop and produce podcasts that foster learning and development, teach crucial skills, spur innovation, drive thought-leadership, provide access to diverse perspectives, highlight internal best practices, reinforce culture and mission, amplify company communications and more.

And while the majority of our podcasts are released to the masses, many of the podcasts we produce are PRIVATE and released exclusively to our premium members, or select audiences.

Getting to the “Root” of hair loss problems.


Don’t be fooled by “SHAM-POO” as a fix for thinning hair!


Finding The Best Hair Restoration Surgeon

From John Vincent
President and CEO of Advantage Studios, Inc
AHLC Certified Master Hair Restoration Specialist
Owner of
Office: 600 S. Sweetwater Blvd. Longwood, Fl 32779
(407) 257-4776
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