Recently I began to notice that my hair was thinning. It’s mostly on one side of my head but it is noticeable and makes managing my hair difficult. Of course, the color of my hair has changed and I have gone from being a dark blonde to a mousy gray. I can no longer wear bangs straight across my forehead because the side that has thinned doesn’t have enough hair to sustain bangs. Having worn bangs for most of my life and having been born with a very high hairline, not having those bangs is not attractive and when I look at myself I see a woman who looks like she’s balding!

Hair Loss In Aging WomenI accepted this condition until I recently became more knowledgeable and decided to try and find out why my hair seems to be so thin where it once was so thick. I researched and discovered that I qualified for a couple of the reasons why hair thins out when one ages. The following are some of those reasons I learned for this this condition.

  • Aging hair follicles affect growth and pigmentation
  • Changes in physiology
  • Pre-existing diseases such as Alopecia and Lupis
  • The onset of menopause
  • Tinis Capitis (usually found in post-menopausal women)
  • Other diseases such as Diabetes
  • Weakening immune system

Most hair loss in aging women is found when they are post menopausal but many women notice thinning hair and bald spots before they reach this benchmark in their lives.

There are solutions; medical, surgical, non surgical and many others available.

I am going to continue my research as to which solution will work the best for me and I advise all women of any age that is experiencing hair loss or thinning hair to do the same. There is no reason why we can’t look and feel the best that we can be.