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Hair Loss Statistics

Hair Loss StatisticsRecently we were scanning some online statistics regarding hair loss as of 2010. we found it interesting that the numbers were so high. The study doesn’t break down the reasons for the hair loss but most causes are attributed to either pattern baldness, aging and or illness.

In the United States alone 35 million men will experience some form of hair loss and 21 million women will also experience hair loss.  The numbers jump dramatically with age. Worldwide, the number of both men and women who seek professional treatment for hair loss is approximately 811,363.

The following is a breakdown of the percentage of hair loss by age of both men and women:

Age 35: 40%
60: 65%
80: 70%

Age 60: 80%

The average number of hair follicles on the scalp is 110,000 and the average amount of hairs lost daily are around 100 (this number varies depending on age, health and genetics). I found it interesting that the number of hair loss sufferers that would spend their entire life savings for services to restore a full head of hair is 47% and that the world-wide revenue was about 1.87

Billion dollars!
If there was ever any doubt that a business dedicated to restoring hair would not be successful, the above number speaks for itself.

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