Interviewing Prospective Employees for your Salon


One of your most important assets in the running of your business is you staff. They acan literally make or break your reputation.

Dryer ScissorsAlways post the following when seeking out employees:

Minimum Age Required

Hours of Operation

Available Positions

Interview Questions

  • Is he/she licensed in Cosmotology?
  • What is their previous experience in the field
  • How do they handle last minute scheduling conflicts
  • Favorite style or “look”
  • How many educational hours earned
  • How do you handle an upset Client?
  • What do you like about the Industry
  • What hours are you available to work
  • What other skills do you bring to the job
  • Are you available to cover other employees who call in sick

All of the above questions will proceed filling out an application and all are important. Hiring employees is one of the most important duties you will need in running your business and if the answers to the above questions do not meet your needs in filling a position than there is no need to go further. Make sure that this person will fit in with the rest of your staff. Interviewing is a learned skill and should be a priority when hiring.