Featuring Haircut & Cutoloring Designs With “The Method”

Tarzana, CA: Alan Benfield Bush and the newly established Hair Icons has recently released a series of creative new designs. The Hair Icons Team of hair design engineers is dedicated to empower the hairdresser while featuring education with The Method using a universal approach to length, width and depth. With this Hair Icons Trend Collection, the Method Alliance Team continues to gain respectability from top salon owners and artistic hair design engineers.

Hair Icons Collection: Bush notes, “The beauty of this new haircut and haircolor design collection is the versatile architectural hairstyle design options created for trendsetting fashion forward salon clients by our Hair Icons Team.  I am extremely proud to be working with Chad Clark, Allan Ngo, Hector Rodriguez, Angel Del Solar, J. Christian Gallagher and Alexander Baron.  This team is dedicated to empower the hairdresser with The Method. These Hair Icon designers were selected to create this new trendsetting hair fashion collection by their recognized expertise, experience and accomplishments as well as the use of their words and hands to create this world-class presentation. Each Hair Icon used The Method with their own slightly different and creative interpretations.”

Hair Fashion Commercial Diversity ~ With An Edge:  This first Hair Icons Collection was created to share an assortment of professional haircut and haircolor trends that will work for any salon client, while each hair design was also created to allow for styling versatility in the salon as well as at home between salon visits. 

Length, Width & Depth: Alan Benfield Bush is famous for inventing a revolutionary new and trademarked system of haircutting called “The Method.” Bush notes, “Every hair designer uses The Method, whether they know it or not. The fact of the matter is the approach is often different with each hairstylist. You can normally only take the hair up and down or side-to-side. As the hair design artist, you can go in and out while you creatively use the desired length, width and depth for each client.  All haircut techniques fit within one method of understanding. Thus, The Method has become a universal language tool across the world.”

The Method:  The Method has three forms of haircutting called geometrics, volumetrics and trimetric projection. This proprietary Method goes far beyond the current hair fads to bring all licensed salon professionals together on a level of understanding the elements that we all use in creating design. With The Method and all of its techniques; hair designers quickly become the master in control of their own creative spontaneity. Alan Benfield Bush also authored the much respected Condensed Cutting Technique, Condensed Perm Technique, Condensed Colour Technique and Condensed Setting Technique.  Bush promises, “Mastering The Method will give you the ultimate freedom with hair design creativity that you have never experienced before!”

Cutoloring: Cutoloring is an innovative technique developed by Alan Benfield Bush to work with all haircuts and haircolor within the same Method techniques. This Cutoloring Technique informs you on how to do more coverage in less time. Cutoloring, enhances condensed techniques using volumetric convexity. The haircut is the design. Haircolor is added to enhance and flatter. Where you stand to do the haircut you stand to do the color. With Cutoloring, you can effectively highlight a client using only 1 to 4 foils.

Hair Icons Team:  Bush adds, “I am very proud of the shared energies by this new educational platform artistry team of fantastic hair designers!” Allan Ngo and Chad Clark started their careers at the prestigious Sassoon Academies. They traveled to Belgium with Toni & Guy and have traveled the globe as respected top educators for many manufacturers. Angel Del Solar has been the International Artistic Director for numerous companies, educating across Spain, Russia, Portugal, Argentina and the USA. He has been featured in dozens of top fashion and trade publications inclusive of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Allure. Alexander Baron worked with Vidal Sassoon of London, England. He was Artistic Director with Trevor Sorbie in London and has worked with Dwight Miller; a NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. Hector Rodriguez was Artistic Director for BMAC, a Japanese Shears Company. He is owner of the prestigious Beverly Hills Cush Salon and his work has been published in numerous magazines. J. Christian Gallagher is an expert in platform artistry and salon operations. As an educator for many companies, he has earned numerous awards while his artistic work has been highly published in top magazines.

Method Alliance: The Method Alliance Hair Icons Team provides valuable hair artistry and generic business education for artistic engineers, salon owners, distributors and manufacturers. This includes an innovative non-branded and 100% generic approach. Besides teaching creative hair design, they also have programs to improve business skills with profitable techniques. Launched by Alan Benfield Bush, Method Alliance also offers ongoing coaching, consulting and education with annual retainer-based programs to ensure your long-term success. For more information about Method Alliance educational seminars, manufacturer, distributor and special educational events; contact Alan Benfield Bush at 707-217-2700, Alan@MethodAlliance.com or visit www.MethodAlliance.com.


Method Alliance

Hair, Makeup & Photography Credits: The Method Alliance Team

Alan Benfield Bush: Concept, Haircut, and Haircolour

Haircut & Haircolor Designs By: The Hair Icons Team

Alan Benfield Bush
Alexander Baron
Chad Clark
J Christian Gallagher
Allan Ngo
Hector Rodriguez
Angel del Solar

Photography By: Gary Lyons
Photography / Retouch By: Christine Wolfe

Makeup Artistry By: Sonia Velasco

Method Alliance ~ Transforming Education

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The Hair Icons Trend Collection: By Alan Benfield Bush

Jazz Cutoloring: By Alan Benfield Bush

“The fashion forward haircut and style I created for Jazmine was a soft bob with Volumetrics convexity layering This special Cutoloring Technique was done with only four foils to achieve all of the beautiful blonde highlights needed for her entire hair design.  The haircut is an soft edgy bob with expanding layers added for extra fullness. The finished haircut was left to dry naturally on its own. I invite you to come to one of our Method Alliance Cutoloring Workshops to learn how to do this extraordinary haircut and style technique.”

Soft Bob Cutoloring: By Alan Benfield Bush

“I created this trendy new haircut and style for Annacamielle involving a very soft layering technique by using geometrics and Volumetrics to expand and show off her natural curls. The hair was cut knowing that we wanted to leave her with maximized manageability and versatility from this hair design. To enhance the texture and curls, I used three foils to add eye-catching red haircolor accents with our Cutoloring Technique to enhance her entire hair design. I again invite you to come attend one of our upcoming Method Alliance Cutoloring Workshops to learn how to do this extraordinary haircut and style technique.”

The Hair Icons Trend Collection: By Angel del Solar

Pompadour Toupee Haircut & Style: By Angel del Solar

“This is a traditional pompadour toupee hairstyle designed for men with a fade. It uses scissors-over-comb for the fade and deconstruction technique for the top with the use of shatter blades to blend the top to the fade at the wave line. The hair design was finish withed 18.21 Pomade.”

Blended Layers Haircut & Style: By Angel del Solar

“This is a traditional long hair design with long layers. This most popular in-salon haircut was produced with a deconstruction technique using a mixture of Precision, French, Condensed and Free Form haircutting. This gave us a traditional salon finish haircut and style with a fast and unique way to make a difference on the guest experience. I created a series of blended invisible layers, finishing with leave-in conditioner and oil.”

The Hair Icons Trend Collection: By Allan Ngo

Short Hair Flat Top AKA Warrior Rebel: By Allan Ngo

“I wanted to create a strong and masculine haircut on a woman. Because the name of this haircut – The Warrior Rebel, I wanted to represent a very strong look. I used a diagonal clipper fade technique fade with a clipper, because it creates a perfect straight up fade. I used the clipper on the side and the top was created with square layers. For the creative haircolor, I used a natural level 2. I lifted her hair with 20 volume to a level 9, using back-to-back foils with a slicing technique with Goldwell Haircolor. I then toned the hair with a Pravana vivid purple at the root and yellow pastel at the ends. I mixed two parts of clear and one part of violet at the root with a 3/4 part clear and 1/4 yellow at the ends. She was one of the best models I ever worked with, because she was so willing to do whatever I wanted to create for her hair.”

Rockmantic: By Allan Ngo

“For this haircut and style, I used a back and forward slicing technique on a square layer. I was standing in the back and working my way forward.  I used this haircut technique, because i wanted to maximize the texture and movement on her thin/fine hair. Therefore, I was able to maximize the volume in her hair. For the haircolor, her natural base was a level 7.  Since her hair was light enough, I used a back-to-back diagonally foiling melting technique. The formulation at the base 120 ml 10 volume with 100 ml 7c  and 20 ml of 7 m of Matrix ColorSync. Mid-shaft to the ends, I used 240 ml 40 volume with 100 ml of 11.13 and 20 ml of Light Silver of MyColour. I enjoyed creating a new hair design for this model, even though I was a bit limited to what I could do with her hair,  because she was more conservative in her desires. “

The Hair Icons Trend Collection: By Hector Rodriguez

Pastel Pixie: By Hector Rodriguez

“I lightened my Pastel Pixie model hair thinking of the shape. I used two contrasting pastels to go with the haircut including a pink fringe to break up the haircut. I applied silver grey over the rest of the head. Her haircut was created using a scissor-over-comb technique with my  BMAC USA Leggera dry scissors on wet hair, keeping in mind to maintain the soft nape and hairline for more enhanced femininity. Staying from 1.1/2  to 2.0 inches off the head also created more of a round shape, opposed to a square shape like you would use on a male. For the top, I cut in a pyramid shape longer on the center top of her head with a slicing technique to create texture and movement. Then, I used my BMAC USA Texture Scissor ratio 47’s also with my BMAC ratio 31 for a softer blend in back and sides with scissor-over-comb and down slicing action for softness and weight removal.  I blow-dried her hair to add extra height to the center top of her head. I finished with Paste and Clay for that great additional texture you see here.”

The Skin Fade Pomp: By Hector Rodriguez

“My men’s Skin Fade Pomp Haircut on Cielo was created with all scissor on the skin technique; to go down to bald fade on the bottom 2 to 3 inches on the nape and sides with my BMSC USA GeneX Scissors. Then, with the same scissor tilting out to start gradation, I started blending out to my desired length. With a super thin YS Park comb, I again then used a scissor-over-comb cutting technique to create the gradation. Once gradation was established, I kept round-layering in the back and nape. It was designed to be more square on the left and right sides. The top was cut short to long. It was short from the back to long in front by then using my BMAC ratio 3:1 Fine Texturizing Scissor to soften and blend the entire haircut and throughout the top middle length on a 45% angle to the ends. This helps keep hair up in the style. I then blow-dried with a Denman Hairbrush, lifting at the root, while smoothing the sides and back. Once the height and shape was established, I finished his hair with Paste and Pomade with a little hairspray.”

Alexander Baron

Shatter Splash / Mohawk Haircut #1: By Alexander Baron

“Chealy was the first model I cut on stage for the 2015 Hair Icon Trend Collection. She had natural warm brown haircolor. I was on a quest to create something amazing for her. I first pre-bleached 25% of the left side of the fringe for this Mohawk Channel to a yellow blonde going back to the nape of the beck. The sides and 75% of the right-side of the fringe was colored black to be the same as the sides and the outer back sides. This became like an ‘S’ shaped Mohawk Channel. I pre-bleached and colored the S shaped Mohawk hair blue. Thus, I created a Channel cut from the front of the hairline to the top of her head. I did color her fringe on the left side of her head. It was 1.5 inches thick, so I continued working back into a Mohawk Haircut to the back of the neckline about 3 inches wide. I pre-bleached her Mohawk Channel hair to a yellow blonde, before coloring it blue. I shampooed and then dried her hair before applying a midnight blue haircolor formula. Her Shatter Splash Haircut fringe was all one length. By creating ‘The Convertible’ effect with midnight blue, Chealy can part her hair to the right and all of the front will be midnight blue. If she parts her hair to the right, her fringe will be totally black.  For the Shatter Splash Haircut, I started off with a round shape on the sides. By taking clippers with a 1 Guard, I shaved the sides of her head.  Next, I worked with my ShatterBlade to blend the sides and to add the potential for texture as well as smoothness. I went from the shaved area to blending to the black. The Channeled Mohawk was cut with diagonal crisscross sections cut at 90 degrees straight out from each section. I then blow dried the hair and added a little hair fiber to add more shape, definitions and texture to this haircut.”

Shatter Splash / Shag Flip Haircut #2: By Alexander Baron  

“My second Hair Icon Trend Collection haircut model was Alaijsha. Her hair was one length half way down her back. I did the haircut first to eliminate all the excess length. This was an asymmetric haircut that I created with a razor and my ShatterBlade shears.  I started by cutting off about 9 inches of hair with my ShatterBlade to create softness and to establish the length that I was looking for by working from the exterior  through the Interior.  I used diagonal sections at 90 degrees, using horizontal and vertical sections from the top back and one side, while also keeping a long fringe on the front right side. I used my ShatterBlade with a blade over comb technique to create the desired short asymmetric look. I kept some length in the back, to create a Shag-Flip. This Shatter Splash haircut has a 1960’s feel with modern haircolor. For the haircolor, I took the sides and back to black. I pre-bleached the top to a yellow blonde. I then dried the hair before I applied a purple and a splash of pink on the shorter fringe on the right side with purple on the 1 length side of the fringe . The top was made purple. At the back top, I left a splash of blonde. “

J Christian Gallagher

Soft Layered Swing Bob: By J Christian Gallagher 

’I started in the nape and cut this area at a 45 degree angle. I proceeded up the remaining back of the head, using The Method system and cut the hair to the model’s head shape.  I brought the sides laterally back behind the ear and used my 45 degree angle to cut the perimeter. I then over-directed each of the top sections to the opposite sides at a 90 degree elevation in over direction and cut the line.  After letting sections fall, I blended the corners to create a softer perimeter I chose this haircut because of the model’s sharp features and great head shape. I wanted her to have some versatility in her styling. For the haircolor, this model came in with a fashion reddish pink haircolor all over her head with 2 inches of regrowth as a natural level 5.  I chose a 3 level violet and applied it to her entire head, but left some of the reddish pink pieces out as a highlight. The result was fabulous.  The haircut and haircolor went well with great movement and shine which totally brought out her features. When you have great models you get great results!  Not only were my models great to work with, but all the icons had great models and the results showed.”

Sassy Swing Bob: By J Christian Gallagher

This Model had very fine and heavily lifted and over-processed hair.  So, I first conditioned her hair using a deep conditioning mask. I then lifted her roots from a natural level 8 to a level 10 with lightener and 20 volume.  I then put a couple of 7 level copper panels in her heavy side of her hair for a splash of color, instead of just the blonde. I used the new ShatterBlade throughout the entire haircut again. Using The Method to cut the model’s hair, I stacked the back at a 45 degree angle. Then working laterally, I brought the rest of the sections to my reference point in the back and cut accordingly.  I proceeded to go and do some soft texturizing to give the hair real movement and shape, which perfectly shaped her face and it gave her a more edgy, yet sophisticated look.”