celebrity wig issueWe all know about the old wives tales about bad “rugs”. Your grandpa or dad may have been a victim of a bad hair piece at some point or you may have seen someone walking around town with a lopsided head of hair. I know that I have.

Fortunately that is now a thing of the past and the bad examples that I am about to show you no longer exist in most cases. These days you can go to a dealer who sells the finest of both human and synthetic hair and they are qualified in helping you look normal and natural wearing your hair replacement. Of course, you can go online and shop for the cheapest hair piece available and still look like those I am about to link you too but why would you do that?
No more hair blowing off in the wind or slanting to one side or the other….no more jokes about weird old Uncle Herbert and his funny looking head. Progress folks…we have made progress!

Human hair wigs and hair pieces can be styled, washed, colored and cut. Synthetic pieces can also be styled and cut . There is no longer any exBad Toupeecuse to walk around looking like you had a fight with a wind machine (or a wild animal).
This isn’t about the good stuff though, this is about the bad.
So for your viewing pleasure (or horror), the following link will take you to some of the worst wigs and hair pieces known to mankind and who’s wearers were and are celebrities who should know better! Click Here

Just so I don’t leave you with a bad taste in your mouth I will post a link to some celebrities who wised up and got decent hair pieces: Click Here

Here are a few for the ladies too: Click Here

No one is exempt from hair loss and although we know that the causes vary from person to person, there is hope for everyone and there is no excuse to look like an old wives tale come true!!