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The Hair Society - Discover the Art of Hair

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So many articles are published on a daily basis, you need a way to filter through it all. It’s unfortunately hard to make a living by reading articles all day, so you don’t want to read marginally interesting stuff, and you don’t want to read too much. We’ve got you covered. We only publish the most relevant stories that impact your business and daily life.

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The Hair Society is a full-service professional organization dedicated to supporting hair professionals in every part of their business lives. We offer information, education and networking services.

We bring together professionals from all parts of the industry, from all corners of the globe to seek new relationships and cross-marketing opportunities. The Hair Society is driven by the suggestions and needs of its members and will add and refine its services based on their input. We invite you to become part of it.

Latest Stories
  • Expand Your Business, Conserve Your Resources

    Expand Your Business, Conserve Your Resources

    Our salons want to see an increase in revenue and growing possibilities to push the bar higher. However, many hair industry folks are struggling to gain their footing while working through covid-19 hurdles.

  • Masks Are Back: Is Your Salon Next?

    Masks Are Back: Is Your Salon Next?

    Regardless of your stance on masks or vaccines, here is what salon owners need to know. With the covid-19 vaccine available to the public, many cities lifted their mandatory mask policies months ago. As a result, many cities are no longer required to wear a mask during familiar summer activities such as vacationing, wedding celebrations, and taking the kids to get "back to school" haircuts.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma and Exosomes Therapy: The Hair Growth Secret?

    Platelet Rich Plasma and Exosomes Therapy: The Hair Growth Secret?

    For decades, medical professionals have been searching for an effective method to repair the human body. Treatments such as platelet-rich [...]

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It’s not unusual for salon owners to feel stuck at times. Sales are leveling off, it’s gotten hard to find employees to staff up, or you just feel like you’re in a rut. When this happens, you may need a new set of eyes to help you find ways to re-energize and grow your business.  The Hair Society can help you see the forrest through the trees.  We help you streamline your processes, and improve your revenue streams.






Stories That Matter

Covid-19 Impacts on the Hair Industry

By |July 6, 2021|

I think it is safe to say that we all were greatly impacted by Covid-19, but businesses were hit even harder. Covid-19 started affecting us all in March of 2020, and for many, life has seemed to return to normal; we don't need to wear masks everywhere we go, we can get our hair and nails done, and we can even go out to clubs and bars again.

Trichology: What is it and Why is it Important?

By |July 3, 2021|

According to Merriam-Webster, a trichologist is "a person who specializes in hair and scalp care and treatment of associated conditions." More and more stylists and salon owners are familiarizing themselves with Trichology because it is so important, especially if you are working with hair and looking at people's scalps all day. Cosmetology school teaches stylists plenty about hair but not enough about the scalp, and that's why studying Trichology is vital in being a hairstylist.

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