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Frequently Asked Questions

I just bought a natural supplement that they claim will regrow my hair. Does it work?

Probably not.  Hair loss treatment has become a multibillion-dollar international industry.  While some treatments work, the evidence shows, time and again, that your best results will come after consulting the scientists (hair restoration doctors) who critically evaluate this evidence on a daily basis.  If something is shown, based on good studies, to be effective, I may recommend it to my patients.  If, on the other hand, it appears to just be an attempt of an herbal remedy company to cash in on millions of sales, I won’t.  Also, keep in mind….just because something is marketed as being herbal or natural doesn’t make it safe.



Hair Restoration When Done Right Goes Unnoticed

One on One

One on One

Great Lengths USA from HAIRUWEAR

The Great Lengths Difference

Premium hair extensions featuring 100% human hair ethically sourced from the temples of India available only through our Certified Salon Network.


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