Press Release – Capillus earns ISO 13485 Certification For USA And Canada

CAPILLUS EARNS ISO13485 CERTIFICATION FOR USA AND CANADA THROUGH THE MEDICAL DEVICE SINGLE AUDIT PROGRAM PILOT Capillus, a manufacturer of hair-loss solution products, is among the first to receive certification through the program MIAMI, FLA. SEPTEMBER 15, 2016- Capillus, LLC, a medical device manufacturer focused on providing customers with the best products in treatment for hair […]

A Family Affair

My dad always dragged me to business meetings. I remember one time in the seventies he had two visitors from Minneapolis come to see him. He was furious to find me not sitting in on the meeting. We lived above the studio back then and I was doing what every other 9 year old was doing – watching Gilligan’s Island. God he was mad. I can still hear him as he marched me downstairs where I would not contribute a squeak. “Don’t you know how much money we could make with these people?” Well, no, I didn’t. But I sat in on the meeting and listened while they talked biz stuff.

Copying Images: The Do’s and Don’ts

Have you pulled an image from another site for use on your own site? Has someone sent you a bill for using their image? You can avoid this problem and the following websites will tell you how: What if you were to use a model with his/her own hair and captioned it […]

Seize Your Opportunities and deal with your challenges.

By: David Hepburn Jr. 3,153,600 Seize Your Opportunities and deal with your challenges. It’s ALWAYS your choice! “Get inspired by life. Get inspired by the possibilities for friendship, love, achievement and fulfillment.” 365 Days, 8760, Hours, 52600 Minutes and 3,153,600 Seconds. That’s 2013 in time. What do you plan on doing with your time? Get […]