Hair Loss Statistics

Did you know that approximately 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss? Beginning at age 35 with a 40% loss rate for men and growing to a 70% loss rate for men age 80, the majority of the world-wide population will lose more hair than they ever dreamed of and they […]

Hair Loss Statistics

Recently we were scanning some online statistics regarding hair loss as of 2010. we found it interesting that the numbers were so high. The study doesn’t break down the reasons for the hair loss but most causes are attributed to either pattern baldness, aging and or illness. In the United States alone 35 million men will experience […]

Secrets To Curing Hair Loss Might Be Hiding In Our Immune System

Not only does baldness bring about aesthetic issues to the sufferer, it might also become a source of deep psychological issues and lowered self-esteem. Because of this, hair loss treatment has become a million-dollar business in the United States, and scientists work around the clock to come with a better hair growth solution than the current ones.

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