An Industry In Crisis (Part 1)

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At the beginning of 2020, a few salons were seeing increased revenue in comparison to 2019. One hair salon reported, "We were up 25%. And then we were shut down for six weeks.". The pandemic has not only made local impacts, but it also hit us all globally. It is important to remember the repercussions of covid-19 are happening worldwide, not just in our communities. From lockdowns to border closures, the coronavirus has disrupted the system of trade for goods and services in the hair industry around the globe.

One on One with Lance “Energy” Centofanti

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Get ready to have your socks blown off! Today, we are getting to know the infamous Lance “Energy” Centofanti. In the Hair industry for over 51 years, Lance is an industry icon and friend to all. He coined the phrase “Beauty Making”, as he likes to refer to the Hair industry. Lance’s most recent role was VP Marketing, Hair Visions International (or industry proclaimed “Ultimate Beauty Maker”). His endless capacity for energy garnered him the nickname of “Energy”.

One On One with David Schwartz

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Have you ever met someone and instantly felt comfortable talking with them? I had the pleasure of experiencing this with David Schwartz.

One on One with Certified Trichologist, Nadia S. Hughes

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By:  Shea Lenniger, Contributing Editor/Writer for The Hair Society Nadia [...]

One on One with Howard Margolin

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One on One with Hair Margolin, in 1994 Professional Hair Labs™ was conceived and was founded by Howard Margolin, President, and Chief Executive Officer.

The Hair Society goes One on One with Vanessa Ranoni

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This is a unique interview from my point of view. This is about not only a highly skilled facility that offers many hair loss solutions to the public but about someone who truly gives meaning to the expression “Pay it forward”.

The Hair Society goes “One on One” with Danielle Grillo of Transitions Hair Solutions

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Danielle is a success story in a world where maintaining a business of any kind can be a challenge yet she has managed to not only stay in business but to expand and grow. How is that possible in these tough economic times? After our interview with Danielle the answer becomes clear, as you shall see.


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