A Family Affair

My dad always dragged me to business meetings. I remember one time in the seventies he had two visitors from Minneapolis come to see him. He was furious to find me not sitting in on the meeting. We lived above the studio back then and I was doing what every other 9 year old was doing – watching Gilligan’s Island. God he was mad. I can still hear him as he marched me downstairs where I would not contribute a squeak. “Don’t you know how much money we could make with these people?” Well, no, I didn’t. But I sat in on the meeting and listened while they talked biz stuff.

Did You Know?

Hair Loss Facts Did You Know: That early on-set male pattern baldness in African American men can be linked to Prostate Cancer In some cases baldness can be linked to Coronary Heart Disease Baldness gene linked to 1-7 men Lose weight and staunch baldness A new drug to treat arthritis may help cure baldness Using […]

Interviewing Prospective Employees for your Salon

One of your most important assets in the running of your business is you staff. They acan literally make or break your reputation. Always post the following when seeking out employees: Minimum Age Required Hours of Operation Available Positions Interview Questions Is he/she licensed in Cosmotology? What is their previous experience in the field How […]