Selling Retail in Your Salon 2020

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Retail sales have many salons asking, “Is it really worth it?”. The simple answer is, “It depends!”. Your clients can spend their money elsewhere, but why not give them a one-stop-shop? You can’t make extra revenue without OFFERING additional products & services. So the saying goes, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. How can your salon make retail a shot worth taking?

Moving Business Forward Through Covid-19

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As the covid-19 virus continues to spread, and cases are on the rise, salons, spas, and clinics everywhere are tackling many unanswered questions.

Scotty Beam It Off – The Alexandrite Laser  (Part 2 of 3)

2020-11-20T01:36:45+06:00August 12, 2020|Categories: Enquiring Minds Want To Know, Hair, Hair and Scalp, Hair Removal, Laser, Laser Hair Removal, LLLT, Low Level Light Laser Treatments, Salon Talk, Scalp Analysis|Tags: , , , , |

Today’s most popular hair removal options include waxing, threading, shaving, electrolysis, and laser hair removal. The only two that successfully remove hair on a permanent basis are electrolysis and laser treatments. 

Should You Stop Your Marketing During A Global Pandemic?

2020-11-20T01:21:29+06:00May 28, 2020|Categories: Breaking News, Business, Business Behavior, Business Tips, Career Opportunity, Digital Marketing, Enquiring Minds Want To Know, Marketing, News, Opinion, Salon Talk, Social Media Maketing, The Hair Society, Web Development, Web-Design, Webdesign|

Original article source: TMG Ventures, Inc. Friday, May 8, 2020 [...]

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