Have you pulled an image from another site for use on your own site? Has someone sent you a bill for using their image? You can avoid this problem and the following websites will tell you how:

What if you were to use a model with his/her own hair and captioned it “You can look like this!” This does not state that the model is using any particular hair system nor does it contain any false advertising. This is merely an example of how to display your own image that belongs solely to you and doesn’t infringe on any other site’s copyrighted material.

Be creative and in doing so you will not encounter a letter from an organization like Getty Images (world famous for photo images) stating that you owe them a fee for usage, usually a large fee.

Every good business needs graphics and it is encouraged that you use them whenever possible. Just make sure that you are using them in a legal way.

Be creative…keep it legal and FREE.