What Services Do You Offer?

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Are you providing the public with what they need?

There might be ten or twenty Salons near your Salon; there might be only a few. They might be larger than your establishment or have been around longer. What about pricing and staff and services that you provide? Do you market your Salon and what you offer so that the public knows who and where you are? Do you run occasional specials on services and products?

All of the above are important in getting and keeping customers, but; word of mouth may be your saving factor when competing with other Hair Salons. Will your customers tell others how pleased they were with your services and how they were treated? Will they suggest that their friends and family members go to your Salon?

If you are a full service Hair Salon do you provide cutting, styling, coloring, perms, extensions, high and low lights, blow drying and do you offer facial and eyebrow waxing? Do you employ individuals who provide services like scalp treatments, laser treatments and hair replacement products. How about the actual products for all types of hair care? Do you sell those and display them in an attractive way so that your customer can see them when they enter your establishment? Do you tell them what products you are using while doing their hair or treating their scalp and hair loss issues? This encourages them to purchase those products for home use.

Each Salon offers some or all of the above services and some offer even more. What is the maximum amount of services that you can possibly provide to enhance the growth of your business and is it possible that you can include those that you do not currently provide by taking the time to look into what is necessary in order to do so?

The more services that you provide, the more customers that you attract. The pricing of your services and products also helps to keep customers coming back and recommending you to others. It should also be stressed that, that old adage is true..”You get what you pay for” and if you are questioned about the cost of your services it is best to remind customers that they will be getting exactly what they want because you and your staff are the best equipped and skilled to give them what they want and need.

Many factors go into running a successful business, but skill level of you and your staff are at the top of the list. The more skills you possess the more services you can offer and the happier the customer will be.

A happy customer is usually a repeat customer and that’s how your business grows!

TMG Ventures, Inc. Digital Marketing for the hair industry