How To Improve Your Cash Flow

Caash Flow

Dollar Sign Money

We all know that steady cash flow is the key to keeping a business running. Cash flow pays the over-head and leads to profits. The lights must remain on, the rent must be paid. Employee salaries and money to purchase the necessary materials to keep a business going are known as overhead and without sufficient money to maintain these necessities……we have no business to run and no services to provide.

This is true of any business and the Hair Restoration business is no different. Sometimes we stay up at night thinking of ways to maintain that steady flow of funds on a monthly basis and sometimes we come up short. There is nothing worse than knowing that you won’t make enough to keep the doors open.

Schemes and specials and temporary ideas work for a short period of time but may not be able to sustain a business month after month, year after year. We must find a way to keep that money coming and it must be consistent and not hit and miss. It can’t consist of guess-work and sleepless nights trying to find ways to crack that monthly nut and lead us into the land of profit.

Cash Flow

One way to guarantee a steady cash flow is to develop Programs and Memberships for our clients. These can be billed monthly and insure that steady flow of cash.

What types of Programs and Memberships can we initiate into our regular business plan that will allow us to relax while we also offer specific services that bring us our profits? Think of the following:

Weekly, bi-Monthly or Monthly Scalp Treatments (Who can turn down a good message while getting the benefits of stronger healthier hair?)

Weekly, bi-Monthly or Monthly Hair System Maintenance (cutting, styling and general maintenance for normal wear and tear).

Caash Flow

These are just two ideas for increasing your cash flow and insuring that your customers will be paying a monthly fee every single month for the length of the specific program and at the same time learning about other treatments for their particular issues.

You have gotten them thru the door, introduced them to a program of their choice, to suit their needs and allowed them to get to know you and your staff and all that you have to offer. You can educate them about the PRODUCTS that you use and how they will benefit them and by selling them those PRODUCTS to use at home you have once again increased your profits.
The more Programs and Memberships you sell and maintain the more cash flows into your business. So, start today and watch your business grow and flourish.