How to Stand Out From Your Competition

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We all know that times are tough and that when running a small business such as a hair salon/studio and/or hair restoration business we have lots of competition. Although it’s true that it’s difficult to compete with large corporate backed businesses it is possible to run a successful salon and be successful in the process.

Here are some suggestions on how to stand out and hold your own:

Know Your Salon Customer

Understand Your Customer

What do they need, want and what matters to them? Can they afford your pricing and is your shop conveniently located? Are you providing quality services in a timely manner? Will they enjoy visiting your establishment and want to return? Will they tell other people about what you offer? All of the above must be considered to serve the needs of your public and develop a permanent and repeat customer base. Do your research on the area where your shop is located. Know who you will be serving.

Research the Competition

Who else is serving your potential customers? What do they offer and how does their pricing compare to yours. Do they provide the same services that you do? What do you offer that they don’t?

Know Your Value

Determine Your Unique Value

What do you offer that your competition does not. How are you different and unique? Have you gotten the word out that you offer special or customized services or that your customer service is better? Make yourself special.

Your Positioning Stratgey?

Product Quality: Are you using top of the line products and services

Design: Is your salon comfortable, easy on the eye and functional

Service: Are you doing everything possible to go above and beyond customer expectations

It really all comes down to service, products, function and uniqueness , convenience, pricing and location.

Do the above and you will stand out from the rest!!

TMG Ventures, Inc. Digital Marketing for the hair industry