Handsome Mature Man in OfficeBack when I was a little girl I often heard people make fun of men and women who wore hair pieces. A man’s hair piece was referred to as a Toupee or a Rug. It was always obvious that he or she was wearing false hair to cover a bald head and this was often the butt of many jokes. “He has a bad rug” was a common statement, or, “It looks like he has a dead animal on his head”. If the wind blew too hard these “rugs” would often blow off leaving the wearer standing before you in all his bald glory. Sometimes the hair piece tilted to one side or the other and again, it was obvious that it wasn’t his own hair. Women’s wigs were often purchased in department stores and were not securely fastened so as to look natural. The styles were limited and the colors rather mundane. No one looked like they were wearing their real hair.

Times have changed and when a man or women goes to a specialist in wigs and other hair pieces such as extensions or toppers, pony tails, braids or any type of hair piece it is IMPOSSIBLE to detect that they are wearing anything but their own natural hair.

Wigs and other hair systems are manufactured in many countries but Europe has the market cornered on the most high end, quality wigs. They can be worn securely and without fear of flying off and they can be styled and customized to suit the wearer.

Getting people (especially men) to purchase the new style hair pieces can be a problem because they are not as emotionally attached to their hair as women are and often they fear embarrassment. It just takes a trip to an expert in wig sales and a demonstration of what they look like on the head, how well they fit and feel and a look in the mirror to convince them otherwise.

If I put two men side by side; one wearing a hair piece over a bald head and one with his own natural hair I dare the viewer to tell the difference. Gone are the days of “bad rugs” and lopsided toupees. The expression “Hair today, gone tomorrow” has been replaced by “Hair today and always”. Human hair wigs can be styled, cut, and colored to please anyone’s taste. All it takes is the desire to look your best, and finding a qualified hair professional who specializes in quality hair replacement.

So fear not, you will not find your Grandfather’s hair piece in today’s market. “A bad rug” is something that you’ll find on someone’s floor..not on someone’s head!!

You can wear one of the new and realistic hair systems no matter what you are doing….you can live your life without fear of losing your hair piece or wig.