Amber Fargo

Amber Fargo

Amber Fargo is a Hairstylist located in Michigan. Nine years ago, she made a career change in the hair industry and fell in love with its creative nature. Hair can do so many things. It is a part of who we are and how we want to represent ourselves to the world.

Hair design offers artistic freedom like no other profession. The salon is a social network and a place to rejuvenate the soul. Though the pandemic has changed how the hair industry works, the heart and soul remain true. Your salon should be a special place to feel new and ready to tackle the days ahead with your best foot forward.

“Hair is a big part of who you are. Getting your hair done makes you feel better about yourself.”

Amber described the flow of client comfort as a back and forth motion since 2020. Some clients are more reserved, and some clients are trying to feel the ease of years passed. It is a balancing act for our stylists to cater to each individual. Amber tries to put her clients first every time they sit in her chair.

“You have to be cautious of how everyone feels. You want clients to feel safe while getting their hair done.”

Amber Fargo

Amber Fargo

Amber does her coloring and cutting in a suite setting which can bring comfort to clients by providing space away from others, but this setting can feel isolating to the stylist.

Amber described one of the biggest challenges from 2021 had been the disconnect between stylists. Many hair professionals took a step back from pushing products and taking classes. Instead, the goal was to keep clients comfortable in the chair. Techniques and trending products used to be shared by a quick word of mouth, but now there’s a need to connect.

“We are such a left-brained industry, and everyone isn’t reaching out enough.”

Amber utilizes her Facebook stylist groups to connect with others outside her region. Her advice to other stylists feeling disconnected is to put themselves out there. Ask questions, and reach out to other professionals when you’re curious about a product or technique. Many times the answer to your question is just an instant message away.

“Just be open to asking.”

One positive change that came out of 2021 was the newfound value of time. Everyone must establish a time to recharge and take care of family. Prioritizing time for yourself and your family directly impacts your business and health. Many stylists put their whole selves into their business. They work long hours and give away their weekends to accommodate busy client schedules. Stylists do everything to keep clients happy while sacrificing their own precious time.

The previous focus was on income and trying to hit 2019 numbers. Hair professionals tried extending their hours to fill in the pandemic gaps, but while stylists stayed busy, their free time vanished. Amber explained how she had to start prioritizing her health and time.

“Family and things in life get put aside. My kids are older, but I had to take a step back for myself and my family. I worked at two locations, seven days a week, getting busier and busier. It was great! But how much are you missing out on?”.

Amber Fargo

Amber Fargo

As we move forward into 2022, we have more to celebrate! We now see hair growth return in those who experienced covid-related telogen effluvium or excessive shedding. Although it is difficult to pinpoint one direct cause, there is a pattern of excessive hair loss during the months of covid. It has taken anywhere from 6 months to a year to see progress, but clients can be hopeful. Hair professionals like Amber have noted these changes in their clients and are their best advocates for referrals.

If you are a hair professional that has noticed hair loss in your clients, be sure to take action. Hair restoration resources and trichologists can help your client through their hair journey. Having a healthy head of hair can make all the difference to your client. There’s no time to waste when it comes to hair loss.

Although our industry might not be close to where we were two years ago, there’s progress moving forward. With client-centered comfort in mind, stylists across the country are working hard to please all. Remember to take reach out to other stylists or industry leaders for advice. We are in this together. Your time is precious, and if you aren’t taking time away from your hustle to rest, you must start now. As professionals, we must keep these things in mind for a stronger 2022.

Amber is truly a lover of life, and it reflects in all that she does, from family to clients.  Her mantra is “Get outdoors and live life”