Shampoo Ingredients: Why Do The Ingredients In Your Wash Routine Matter?

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Why do the ingredients matter? Washing your hair exposes the scalp and follicle to chemical change and potentially damaging additives. You must understand what you’re putting on your head to reap the benefits. Routine washing will remove any dirt and excess oils you’ve accumulated throughout the day. But you could be making matters worse by using the wrong shampoo.

The Science of Hair: What’s going on?

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Hair is not complicated in terms of its structure and what it is composed of, but it plays an important role in social functioning. The way we style, cut, color, and maintain our hair all contribute to the way we look. Whether it’s having a signature look or hair you rolled out of bed with it is an integral part of a showcasing personality and identity. But what really is this thing that we spend so much time and effort on? What is hair?    

DIY Hair Treatments: What Should You Be Doing At Home

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Unless advised by a hair care professional, you don’t need to take matters into your own hands. Being proactive is a great approach, but before you rummage through your pantry for “do it yourself” hair treatments, let’s discuss your hair goals and the result of covering your head in kitchen ingredients.


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