Top Platform Artist Josif Wittnik Endorses UltraTress®

2020-11-21T03:11:45+06:00August 2, 2019|

Josif Wittnik is the “Elton John” of the industry. His wardrobe is spectacular and unafraid, his presentation is entertaining and upbeat, and his fame precedes him. But, most of all, Josif is one of the most sought-after teachers in the hair enhancement and restoration sector.

Give Your Business a Future

2020-11-22T03:54:06+06:00April 18, 2019|

In our last posting, we discussed the origins of Hair Visions International’s My Hair My Way campaign. With online competition, the baby boomer exodus, a lack of trust among young people, and new brands of questionable worth appearing all the time, the industry has been in desperate need of new messaging.

One on One with Howard Margolin

2020-11-22T03:58:03+06:00April 16, 2019|

One on One with Hair Margolin, in 1994 Professional Hair Labs™ was conceived and was founded by Howard Margolin, President, and Chief Executive Officer.

Monat – The Good, The Bad, and What to Believe

2020-11-22T04:03:41+06:00April 8, 2019|

Whether it’s because of the multiple lawsuits, friends in the program, or perhaps the more positive reactions, you’ve most likely heard of the American-based hair care company Monat. Founded in 2014, Monat operates through a multi-level marketing scheme.

Hair Loss? Here’s What You Need to Know

2020-11-22T04:07:19+06:00April 6, 2019|

Hair, like your skin and nails, undergoes a continuous cycle of growth and rest as you age. It is completely normal to lose up to 100 hairs each and every day, but anything more than that can be cause for concern.

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