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Japanese research could put an end to unwanted baldness

In a breakthrough that blows previous efforts out of the water, new research could soon put an end to unwanted baldness.

BABY STEPS: A Hair Loss Disaster

By:  Sarah George Syndicated Content provided by The Gazette - Long beach's favorite community website I am losing my hair. That is the one postpartum symptom that...

Hair Loss Causes

By:  Kashmir Monitor Syndicated Content  Almost everyone experiences some type of hair loss as they age. But not all hair loss is the same; it could...

Because She Cares – A Special Report

When you are finished reading about Shelli and what she does I hope that you will find a way to embrace Shelli’s deep desire to help those who need it the most.

Did You Know?

Hair Loss Facts Did You Know: That early on-set male pattern baldness in African American men can be linked to Prostate Cancer In some cases...

The Little Old Lady Down The Street

By:  Merilyn E. Ulrich, Contributing Editor/Senior Staff Writer The Hair Society In my neighborhood there is a very old woman (she is 90 years old), who takes...

Hair Loss and the fear of going public

Some forms of hair loss are subtle and happen over time. Some are instantaneous and expected. No matter how this process occurs there are...

Hair Loss In Aging Women

Recently I began to notice that my hair was thinning. It's mostly on one side of my head but it is noticeable and makes...

What To Do When You Start Losing Your Hair…

If you begin to notice that you are losing your hair and you want an answer as to why this is happening you can...

Four Scientific Studies for Hair Loss treatments

2015 promises to be an exciting year for hair loss replacement treatments. Many new studies are going forth with great hope for the future....
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