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Top Stylists and Discerning Women Want UltraTress

UltraTress Human Hair Extensions can help you achieve your hair expectations.

The most desirable market out there is the women who know EXACTLY what they want, and won’t settle for less. They’re looking for the best, and are willing to pay for it. Obviously, they’re also the hardest to please.

The stylists who serve them best are those who are similarly demanding. Take Josif Wittnik. Josif is a world-renowned platform artist and owner of Salon CTI. He is a level 4AA stylist, and associated with Redken and Paris Hilton. Josif has trained internationally in his craft and is also a 1st graduate of KRS Consulting Group. He has created salon editorials, magazine covers, and also has significant celebrity work in his portfolio.

UltraTress spokesperson Josif Wittnik, on set in Peru, adds his creative touch to UltraTress hair extensions – limited only by your imagination
UltraTress spokesperson Josif Wittnik, on set in Peru, adds his creative touch to UltraTress hair extensions – limited only by your imagination

Specializing in wigs, cutting, and consulting, Josif prides himself on having a vision for his clients before executing his work. Putting the right look on a client requires a real honest effort.

That’s why it’s meaningful that Josif recently has become the face of the UltraTress® brand from Hair Visions International. “I’ve put a lot of time and energy into a passion I have – changing people’s lives,” says Josif. “UltraTress gives you more flexibility because it offers beauty makers the option to apply attachments while saving growing hair, even if it’s fragile.”

The UltraTress brand is the culmination of over 40 years of research, innovation and customer service that has marked the history of Hair Visions International. President David Schwartz says, “This is the ultimate in extensions, designed to provide the wow factor everyone wants. Its 100% Remy hair, with cuticles that all flow in the same direction to avoid tangling. We’re quite proud to serve very demanding stylists and their customers with this top-of-the-line collection.”

The UltraTress line includes UltraTress II, applied where other extensions can’t go. 100% hand tied Remy human hair with a tape-in application method that’s considered the safest on the market, and comes in 31 glorious colors; Ultra II Plus, double density Remy human hair that are pre-bonded with a medical adhesive tape that look and feel like your clients natural hair; UltraWeft, with a discrete design that allows seamless blending into natural hair and exceptional length, volume, body and color that will last for months; UltraTress Grafts, applied where other extensions can’t go, they offer artistic freedom in designing for bangs, top-of-head and crown areas, and integrate perfectly with UtraTress extensions; Simplicity by Ultratress is a patented hair extension system that is 100% hand tied made with the highest quality Remy human hair. It offers a natural look and provides amazing comfort and can be applied in under an hour. Simplicity’s unique application method is designed to put less pressure on growing hair, is cost-effective and easy to remove. Simplicity Hair Extensions are simple, safe and fast!

Wittnik emphasizes “As one who has used all the lines available, I have reached a point where there is nothing other than UltraTress that meets my standards. I’m able to bring a whole new form of education to the youth – versatility, quality of hair and bonds – it’s a revolutionary era!”

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